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LNP refuses normal refugees but allows axe murderers


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When the Medevac bill passed against the LNP's wishes, they got up on their hind legs and proclaimed than it was opening the door to unsavoury characters to enter Australia.


All along they'd known that the deal with the US to take 1250 asylum seekers involved Australia taking 2 men alleged to have murdered 8 people in Rwanda.


The hypocrisy is breathtaking, but given it involves Dutton, not particularly surprising.


And Donald Trump thinks he got the raw end of that deal...



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Oh really? So if there was no evidence then why were they held in immigration detention for 15 years in the US following the dismissal of the court case? (A case WAS brought against them, by the way. It was dropped when the judge found their confessions in Rwanda were obtained under torture).


Whether or not they were actually involved, the LNP has spent the last few years proclaiming loudly that it's going to keep Australia safe by not allowing anyone in who fails the character test. They've been tossing out Kiwis who've lived here for 40 years. Willing to bet that none of the 1250 asylum seekers they sent to the US have any murder-related skeletons in their closets (pardon the pun). Are you really telling me you can't see the hypocrisy in this?



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They could not have been tortured. The Yanks don't do torture, just ask Bush junior. They must have really slipped up as they don't usually let baddies anywhere near the US justice system. Just keep them in Gitmo.



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