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A lot of that stuff is surely right, but personally I do not feel subjugated or deprived and reckon I am lucky to be living in a good country in the best of times.


Now that doesn't mean that improvements are not wanted, CASA is a good example of a bureaucracy which deprives me of some freedoms I want. But I don't believe there is any conspiracy behind CASA, just the ignorance of my fellow Australians and their inborn fear of heights and too much freedom.


Yes I voted against the monarchy, but I was in a minority and the monarchists used cunning tactics against a too-straight republic campaign.


The republic campaign was led by Turnbull and I wondered at the time if he was deliberately sabotaging the case . ( I would have made hay out of the fact that under the monarchy, we are not free people but "subjects". Now this is an exaggeration, but the other side were doing worse and telling awful lies.)


Would I swap places with Prince Charles? No way! He hasn't got a Jabiru or a Libelle as starters...



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The thing Most Australians, don't understand is that, if we stay as Monarchist, we will have More (many) votes on the republic.


IF we become a Republic. (LIKE a bad religion). you wont get another chance to vote for a Monarchist system, (you've blown your chance )




we do, as the English Republic did, & take to ARMS.


All in the history books, (only slightly adulterated ).


OOPS forgot, we've been disarmed. ( yet people are still murdered).





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space, why would you want a monarch anyway?

Based on observations since the start of the 21st Century, I have come to the conclusion that having the Queen of Australia as head of State (to be King of Australia with her passing), is the best way to obtain a stable government for the country. Although we have to put up with the the schoolchild "tip-you-last" shenanigans of the Party system we have, at least a Head of State who doesn't join in that sort of drivel. Just look at the way the Yanks get their Head of State. It's dirty pool all the way. The same can be said for most countries whose Head of State is pulled from one if its political parties.


I have often thought of voting for a change to a republic after the Queen dies, but if we maintain the status quo,at least I know that Her successor will have been well trained in a style of diplomacy that is free from political "-ism". Our monarchy has been a steady ship through the governments of both conservative and Labor persuasion. The only real hiccup was The Dismissal, but then, the prime cause was a weak, self-serving regal representative. If we continue with a Head of State from the House of Windsor, then we know, and have met, who those successors will be. If we go independent, who knows where our Head of State will come from in each generation.


Does it matter that our Head of State is not an Australian citizen? If you advertised the position as CEO of the country world-wide, you would get many non-citizens applying for the job. In the 21st Century, why can't our Head of State work from home. We just need to supply a PC with Internet access and a mobile phone, like the rest of the workforce who work from home. And if members of the House of Windsor aren't Australian citizens because of the Australian Citizenship (Amendment) Act 1984, then it only takes a bit of parliamentary shuffle-board to change the content of that Act, like they did with the definition of marriage.



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This Monarchy


Is the best of All the political systems, Only been here a couple of hundred years.


SO I'm quite used to it & it doesn't seem to stop anyone from having a go at putting it down.


Idi Amin of Uganda.


He would NOT let you say anything against his regime.


Lots of President (dictators) are not to be trifled with.


SO, why risk having a dictator as your (not mine) President.


NO guaranties in Politics.


Vote for a leader.


The party puts in their man, your man is out.





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Dear OME -


at least a Head of State who doesn't join in that sort of drivel.

Perhaps you haven't been paying attention> Last I heard the Palace is still refusing to release the correspondence between Buck Palace and her rep "the honorable(hahahaha) Kerr" preceding his disgraceful act in shafting a Prime Minister who commanded a majority in the House of Reps (AKA the peoples' house).


I know that some still like to argue the case for an outrageously fiddled Senate to have sway over who is constitutionally entitled to form govt in Australia, but the fact is that government is formed by one who commands a majority of votes in the H of R, full stop.


Therefore I call your argument, that a monarchy keeps us safe from devious politically motivated scams is just untrue. Don



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Entitlement by birth is not the Australian way, and wouldn't be the way for anyplace IF they started from scratch and had a free say in it. Churchill was right when he said "Democracy is the worst system there is, except for all the others". Britain still has the House of Lords where some are not elected (don't they?) and don't fail to notice it was the Tories that got the Brexit mess going and haven't fixed it. still. Nev



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If they had done it the way put up by the republic lot, the head of state would need 2/3 of the parliament to put them there. This would ensure a bi-partisan head of state.


Alas, it was stymied with lies.



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