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They just won't learn.


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An armed guard working at a bar in a Chicago suburb was killed early Sunday by an officer who was responding to a call of shots fired, authorities say. Apparently the African American security guard was holding the offender at gunpoint, when police burst in and fired. So much for President Dumbass's opinion that armed guards just about everywhere will prevent further deaths.


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I was in Pittsburgh as soon as the airspace opened after 9/11.. I was watching some "dumbass" redneck show - the likes of the DJ on 2GB, who was advocating the pilots having a "piece" (gun) in the cockpit. Donahue (can't recall his given name) was in there opposing it... Unf. he couldn't string a coherent arguement against it, except to say everyone around the world would think they US were idiots.. It was a talk-back TV show, so I dialled in and when their produce (I presume) quizzed me about what I was going to say - including even if a terrorsit takes over a plane, if there are shots in the cockpit that rip through the A/P, avionics and/or instruments, there is little chance anyone will survive. For some reason, that scare mongering, appeal to the lowest common denominator and rabble-rousing show wouldn't put me through.. wonder why?



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The USA is sliding further under the control of amoral pressure groups who are happy to sacrifice children to the God of profit. The NRA claims to represent gun owners, yet ignores firearm owners who call for sensible gun control. Who actually appoints its leaders and decides policy? The gun industry. They have consistently blocked every move to require people to have background checks before buying military-style weapons. Crazy.


Without strong, impartial and honest media, Americans are easily duped into believing the most crazy lies.


The "Wild West" fiction created by Hollywood never happened. Dodge City and other "lawless" towns had gun control and far less violence than today, when gun massacres are now an almost daily event.



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