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More carnage at Bourke Street


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Bourke Street car explosion live: one dead from stab wounds as city centre evacuated


Terrible news! Though I would hazard to guess that this is terror related given the nature of the attack - a car on fire and witnesses reporting explosions sounds like a car bomb - and the driver escaping and taking to a knife frenzy. Has the hallmarks of a terrorist - or terrorist inspired attack (of course, it could be simple derangement).


Thoughts and condolences to the family and friends of the deceased and hope for a speedy and full (physical and mental) recovery to the injured. And a big thanks to the emergency services!



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Police news conference: The offender, who was shot by police when he attacked the police with a knife, has died in hospital. The police suffered cuffs and scratches. The offender was known to both Vic police and federal authorities. BBQ type gas bottles were in the vehicle which caught fire, and bomb disposal specialists are making the area safe.



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