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What's happening with the BREXIT negotiations in the UK ?

Phil Perry

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Well,. . .. .


Theresa May ( Remainer ) has tried to 'Stitch Up' the country into a 'Leave' vote, which would mean that the UK would still be 'IN' the EU in fact,. . .still beholding to the EU courts of 'Justice',. .Still i the Customs Union and the Single Market bollox. . . etc. . ie, NO leave at all. Just a Vassal state,. . paying in a fortune, with no votes in the EU whatsoever. . ..


Jacob Rees Mogg,. . .has stuffed this by his masterful understanding of Parliamentary procedure ( He is REALLY GOOD, THIS BLOKE ) and for those of you who are BRIT expats,.. . this video may help to see where we are at the moment. . .



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Not charming but typical. The Libs aren't liberal and the Nats aren't national .They really only feature in Qld &.Their alliance is a bit shaky. The enemy of my enemy is my friend sort of thing.. The Broad church doesn't have many broads in it either. They elect on ability.( JOKE Alice) OUR Parliament doesn't need to be less regarded than it currently is.. They well deserve the contempt they have earned. so far. Nev



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Funny, I thought it went like this:


- Tessie drags her cabinet to Chequers for a 12-hour meeting, finally gets an agreement (perhaps grudgingly) for her "soft" Brexit.


- Early the following week, two of her "hard-leaning" cabinet resign over it, including the unlovely Boris who is quite unsubtle about his ambitions to plant the knife and take her job.


- To add insult to injury, Trump publicly throws her under a bus and adds his recommendation for Boris for PM (judging by Trump's standing among UK citizens, his recommendation will probably probable ensure Boris never gets voted into anything higher than dog-catcher).


All of which is a gigantic laugh to Putin, who's really having the year of his life so far. Poor old Europe I say - a barking mad US president on the one hand and a shambolic UK government who can't organise it's own divorce on the other.



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. Putin would like the E U to not exist. There's no doubt about that. BUT HE gets elected on being the STRONG man so having a threatening enemy is necessary to keep him in power. If all was peaceful you might elect a human being in his place. Trump appears to fawn on Dictators and treat old alliances with contempt. He's so unpredictable and irrational he has everyone scared. Putin's smile has certainly broadened . Trump is the gift that keeps on giving.. Many in the US think he ( Putin) has compromising stuff on Trump. No one would be surprised..


Cambridge Analytica were involved with disinformation in the Brexit vote. They have gone insolvent (conveniently) but there will be an investigation (it Appears). The right winger Gov't in Australia approached C A but I believe they didn't inhale or have sex with THAT organization. (So they say). Nev



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