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Health 'N' Safety would not like this.

Phil Perry

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A couple stand next to a German Parachute mine which dropped in their back garden in Liverpool - 1940.


Can you just imagine what the Health and Safety Folks would say about that picture being taken nowadays ? ? How times change. ( YES I know,. . The Germans have not dropped many of late. . .)


Being a confirmed coward,. . .I personally wouldn't go within a bloody Mile of that thing.


I guess one of you historical Munitions buffs can tell me how much explosive was in it. . .




Just caught a fresh response to the picture above. . . copied verbatim.


That looks like a Luftmine B (LMB) 1000kg mine. In the early part of the blitz these were dropped on docks, rivers and harbours and had a pressure trigger for water and impact timer if hitting the ground--the latter didn't work so well and many remained unexploded. The sneaky sods later put photoelectric, vibration and improved delay-impact timers on them.



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When I was a young thing !. "that long ago"


I was caught playing submarines with an unexploded bomb.


It wasn't that big, but still a neat submarine. LoL


(Just noticed that the plug has fallen out) on the side of 1st pic





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A Plymouth is Modern? they are the same as Dodge, Desoto and the Checker cab. I rebored those cars you say are NOT rubbish at average 45,000 miles and that figure was official ERA (Engine Reconditioners Association) provided Data.. Today,ANY new car will go 180,000 kms without even the head coming off. Engine reconditioners have mostly gone out of business , and vehicle service intervals are multiples of what the earlier cars were.. They are also much cheaper in relation to average worker's wages than they were then. They drive better, stop better have better tyres are more comfortable are much more safe in accidents have remote locking, power windows and airconditioning and are significantly more economical on fuel and oil.. Memories often only recall the good aspects. They did have crank handles and thin door pillars and you could recognise an engine when you lifted the bonnet., but they are relatively death traps in an accident. NO crumple zones reinforced pillars airbags collapsing steering columns etc. Nev



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Makers have to try to make a fool proof car. Fools are increasingly capable of being even more foolish than expected. They don't even check their tyres are at the right pressures and run out of fuel on freeways and bridges and talk on the phone when driving, put on their lippy or finish their breakfast, reprogramme their Tom Tom., argue with their spouse, let alone consider what's under the bonnet till smoke comes up from it.. Nev



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Yep, the easier driving gets, the less attention people give to it. Years ago Volvo set out to eliminate -not reduce, eliminate- road deaths. The main focus has been to remove the human element. Apparently none of Volvo's fleet of 50,000 XC-90s in Britain has been associated with a road death, but I bet a lot of those drivers put on their makeup and made phone calls.



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