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Jerry's "Escape to the Country"

old man emu

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This week's episode involves us with @Jerry_Atrick and his family who have had enough of English winter snows and summer rains and want to move to warmer climes. With teenage children and a wife enjoying a return to the workforce, Jerry's move is influenced by a remembered smell of eucalyptus leaves and cold beer. However, his mental health might override all that. Jerry is addicted to recreational aviation.


VIDEO : File clip of recreational type aircraft flying over the English Midlands.


VOICE OVER: We're here to help Jerry find his place in the Sun. But first, let Jerry tells us about his family and the skills they can bring with them to be useful members of their new home.




PRESENTER: G'day mate!. How about giving us the good oil about yourself and why you want to move the family to Godzone?


JERRY: ...........



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lol... And I didn't know that addiction to recreational aviation was an overt sign of deteriorating mental health.


Well, my background - jack of all trades - master of none is probably the best way. Never finished a qual (well, except for a pretty useless diploma and a project management certification courtesy of last employer, which took a 1.5 day course + exam - so it obviously reflective of the quality of project management these days).


Self-taught software developer and as a young buck thought that was what I would be doing for the rest of my life. The somehow scored a gig in the UK with a software house/consultancy where I ended up consulting on plant operations, maintenance and logistics for nuclear power stations and military installations. When my permanent residency came through (which coincided with a nasty merger), I left and went contracting as a change consultant. Did a couple of gigs with the mil and a famous US clothing brand.


Then back to Aus for a couple of years due to father becoming ill. Utilities market was dead as a doornail, the only supply chain gigs in town were with Toyota and then Coles Myer, which were already well resourced. So, I made the move into banking/finance. Started with a regional bank, which I loved, however, regional life for my partner at the time was not working out (plus, even on a good salary, I was struggling to make ends meet and maintain a lifestyle that was not ostentatious by any means, but comfortable). So I left that bank and scored a change consultant contract in Melbourne for a government insurer, then a pension administrator and finally a private client stockbroker helping them meet new Aussie Stock Exchange clearing requirements and replacing their old SEATS system.


Back to the UK and after a short stint helping a big accountancy sort out some of their tax practice operational problems, into investment banking, where I started off in putting in changes to their credit risk management businesses, then worked on some of the risk model development and implementation (stats and maths), then market risk management (maths and stats) and finally managing regulatory compliance change as well as working on business strategy, which is where I am now (or will be once my new gig's pre-engagement screening checks are complete).


So I guess you could say I am a project/program and change manager that specialises in implementing regulatory compliance changes for financial services. This is why Sydney, Mel and Brisbane are the more likely places I will have a good chance of finding work. However I am a bit like an unattended hose with the tap on hard - I tend to go off in all directions as I get bored quite easily. I am actively working to establish a reselling business for an Indian tech startup and I want to bring it to Aus as well. In addition, and now I will have to work fast, I want to set up an aircraft dealership that provides something a little out of the ordinary to its customers, but when discussing with private pilots, they seem receptive to it..



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I'll use this thread to provide updates for when the weather is playing havoc with your flying and listening to the other half babble on is just getting too much...


Enthusiasm levels are pretty high with me at the moment, although the son started looking at the internet and found various ghoulish pictures of snakes and spiders and is now questioning me a bit more. However, I let him know I am no Steve Irwin (RIP) and although I had camped many times in the Otway Ranges, I never saw a snake (of course, I mainly camped in winter - but don't tell him that!). Also, he has an affinity with Escort Mk 1 at the moment, and they are cheaper in Aus than here. That placated him somewhat.


I have been told that the children (well teenagers) will have a place for them at one of the schools I want them to go to. Speaking to the school, it is most suitable for one of my children with their approach to education, so it may be that the kids go to different schools. Anyway, that is one item on the check list ticked.


Have been trawling the real estate websites and, yes, the manic Melbourne property market coupled with Brexit causing a weaker pound and housing market is going to make it a challenge to get what we want (and preserve the level we have here). But that is not to say it can't be done; maybe a place with more elbow grease will be required.


Of course, daughter found a place she would love to move to Australia for: 356 Shands Road Main Ridge Vic 3928 - House for Sale #126690090 - realestate.com.au. Thankfully, I don't have the $8m or so that would be required to buy it. Why can't my kids like cheaper hobbies, like flying?!?



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Unfortunately your son may be disappointed to discover that genuine English Mk1 escorts are rather rare around here. I've been led to believe that most of the escorts available in Australia are actually made in Asia! A quick scan of the personals in the local paper confirms this.



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Unfortunately your son may be disappointed to discover that genuine English Mk1 escorts are rather rare around here. I've been led to believe that most of the escorts available in Australia are actually made in Asia! A quick scan of the personals in the local paper confirms this.

I'm sure one of them could put on a cockney accent. Difficult accent to get your head around, but I bet some are cunning linguists.



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  • 1 month later...

Bit of an update...


We have been doing our research and cost of living for a bit is going to be pretty expensive. Our kids are dairy intolerant and as a result we have adjusted our diet and have goats/sheeps based cheese and goats milk. Woolies has goats milk at $5/litre and 150g of plain goats cheese at $9. Even at $2 to the £ (which is not the case yet), our milk is $3.20 and $4.40 respectively; the latter the kids much through much more than the former. Amazingly, I can get imported Pecorino cheese (as all Aussie stuff is made with cows rather than sheeps milk), which my son goes through about a 200g wedge every 3 days, for $7; the equivalent here is abut $6, so no big difference there... (assuming I can earn 2x AUD compared to what I earn here).


Having said that, I am have sent my CV to a recruiter that used to represent me here and decided Brisbane would be much nicer. Last time I spoke to him, which was when the C/wealth games were on, he was complaining about the heat (he hasn't been there long). Anyway, he has slung my CV to a Melbourne based recruiter for an assessment.


House has gone back on the market. Had a viewing yesterday but no idea about whether or not they are interested. I am guessing not as the weather has been pants and getting jobs done to make it look good has been difficult. Except for the fields where the sheep are keeping the grass down, the grass is longish... and to cap it off the catcher on the ride on mower chucked it in.. Hopefully not too expensive to replace (tried to repair it couple of times but has cracked at mounting arm joint and keeps falling apart). Working back in London is not helping.


On timings, I am pushing to bring it forward a year (subject to being able to sell the property) for two reasons: Firstly, the son will be starting year 11 in September and it makes sense that he has the final two years at the same school rather than the last year. The first year will help him settle in. The second is working in London with the family 150 miles away isn't great and while we could move back to London (a house is up for sale on the same street as we left), it would mean poopy schools for the kids and winding back the clock about 6 years. Unf, the market for what I do in Bristol died and while I could go back to Nuclear, I know the bloke who runs the area I would work in and he is the dourest an crankiest man you could meet and I know that the income would be reasonably meagre as believe it or not, because there has not been much development in this area for 20 years, the same people are in the game as were 20 years ago.


So, the plan is to sneak 3 weeks in Aus this Aussie winter and if all are agreeable and the house sells, let the schools know kids won't be coming back, get the work I am being paid to do, done (should be done some time in September) and plan for a long trip back to Aus to be there hopefully in time for the boxing day test, but f not, slightly after. Of course, dependent on folks liking it there and selling the house.


Daughter's citizenship application went in.. should be back pretty soon...



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Hi Jerry, my daughter is lactose intolerant. I don't know about other states, but in Victoria you can get lactose-free milk, cream, ice cream, yoghurt, and cream cheese from Coles or Woolies supermarkets. Products which use milk as an ingredient are a problem, and some of them you wouldn't expect, such as chips (crisps), KFC fries, etc. We have to read the ingredients panel on all products, for her and for my wife who is allergic to egg. If she is going out and doesn't know if milk has been used in the food, she has a tablet which prevents the effects of lactose.



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Thanks Red...


Thankfully, the effects on them are minor (rash, runny stuff, etc.) If they have too much, its usually stomach cramps, etc.


We started them on goats products as it was recommended by the docs because apparently goats and sheep dairy are just that much healthier anyway; apparently the proteins are more subtle, etc. We get lactose free here, too and I have tried them on it (as I love cows dairy products) but the kids, and now the partner don't like cow's dairy stuff...


We are seeing growth of "free from" foods here, lactose, gluten, egg, celery, nuts and it is starting to get traction in the wider community (which drives the prices down). Of course not all foods are free from all allergens, but, for example, we get gluten and dairy free pizzas, every sort of nut milk under the sun, etc.. Some are far better than what the substitute for... some, well, I'll pass.




Darn it! News just in.. the Christmas production at the local theatre is the Wizard of Oz. My daughter was in last years production and she is pulling the heart strings to stay so she can audition for it this year and if successful, take a part... Its a pro production and at 11 she is very focused in building her CV up (she has attained on her own bat an academic scholarship, which we actually got fed up with and tried to steer her away from; she works really hard to achieve so when she goes for a job, she hopes to have an edge - we have NOT encouraged or suggested this in any way)...


Now, to afl.com.au... I have match reports to write ;-)



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