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Flavoured Potato Crisps ( also known as 'Chips' in some localities )

Phil Perry

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Since a large number of Pubs closed due to the Smoking ban,. . the flavoured Crisps industry took a serious hit, as these were part and parcel of 'Having a couple of Pints'. . .Even as a small child I recall being left in a pub car park with my siblings, ( 1950s )and being given some Cheese and Onion crisps and a bottle of Vimto to keep us quiet whilst the folks had a tipple. . .but lately, the big shops are pushing new flavours with gusto. . . .


Sainsbury's UK supermarkets are now selling crisps which are a Gressingham Duck with Hoisin and Plum sauce flavour. Who knew ? . . . .How did we survive without all these amazing flavours to tittilate our tastebuds ?


We fought world wars.. . . . Saw men walking on the moon.. . . We managed. . . . .


I've even tried Hedgehog flavour,. . .but the SJWs had these withdrawn from sale following a whinge campaign as they have no discernible sense of humour. . .


Here endeth the ramble. . .



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I've even tried Hedgehog flavour,. . .

A couple of decades ago I worked with this ...er... lady (filthy-minded old biddy, actually). One day she was earwigging on a conversation that a couple of the girls were having, involving their boudoir practices with their boyfriends.


Next thing we hear her ask "You gave him a what? A Hedgehog? What the hell is a 'Hedgehog'?"


We reminded her of that for several years.



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