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Flinders/Elizabeth Street


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Blimey - another driver using a car as a weapon - glad to hear no fatalities - still one elderly gent in critical condition and psychological scars for many more than (of course, and including) the victims to come.


Not thought to be terrorist related - although latest reports are an Aussie citizen of Afghan descent with mental health issues.. but known to think Muslims are treated unfairly (BTW - the latter I think is not relevant to whether or not it is terrorism).


However, in't any sort of indiscriminate attempt at killing or inflicting fear on people terrorism, regardless of the cause?


BTW - becoming a harder sell to the missus to up sticks to Aus (Melbourne, anyway).. as the missus and son will not tolerate a rural/semi-rural life in Aus (daughter would, though).. May have to look at Adelaide...



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Not a terrorist attack according to the police. So why are the media reporting an increased police presence?In my opinion,they think it is terrorism, but want to keep us all as mushrooms.

To be fair I don't think the police have ruled out organised networked terror. This man has not yet been formally interviewed. Whilst I understand that people want to know everything ASAP the police usually dispense information in a way that does not jeopardize the investigation of this event or indeed further investigations, perhaps if this does turn out to be a network involved.


Why the police presence? Until more is known surely it makes sense to treat this event as a worse case scenario. Even if it turns not to be wholly or partly terrorism-related I imagine it is sensible to have a greater presence for a couple of reasons, firstly as a reassurance to those members of the public who are understandably anxious and afraid and secondly it is not unheard for copycat events.


I too want all the answers but I would rather wait a few days for accurate information rather than hysterical supposition.



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The presence of heavily armed police in our cities' CBDs is not a means of preventing similar incidents there. The armed personnel might be present in a city's main street, but they can only react to an incident, which is likely to be over before the armed personnel spring into action. These armed personnel are there to give a sense of reassurance of safety to members of the public. In reality it is a propaganda exercise that cannot be called totally bad. Ineffective, but not bad. The real proactive work is done by the watchers and listeners who monitor persons who could be suspected of involvement in this type of action.


The problem in dealing with radical groups is like the problem of preventing damage from thunderstorms. One can forecast thunderstorm development and track the expected path of a thunderstorm, but there is no way to accurately predict where a bolt of lightning with strike.



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