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Uber's license pulled in London - Justified or Protectionism?


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It appears Uber's license won't be renewed in London after it expires in September; Transport for London citing conduct and safety concerns. Black Cabs (a very powerful lobby in London) have been very vocal of late, citing all sorts of "safety and knowledge" concerns, but in the end, the discussion always descended into the fact Uber were operating o their (expensive) turf.


Other countries have banned it; but I don't see what the issues were other than turf wars and protectionism. I was in a black cab not too long ago and after the price for the service ('cause I had an Aussie accent, I think he was taking me fore a ride thinking I didn't know my way around London). He wasn't too happy when I said Uber will be the end of the black cab industry...


I have never found myself more at risk in an Uber (or any other minicab for that matter) than a black cab.


The gig economy has its issues, but also has its advantages, too. Is it governments bowing down to protectionism or have I missed something?


'Lack of corporate responsibility': Uber stripped of its licence to operate in London



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In Australia it costs a lot to run a taxi service. The government has its hand deep in your pocket, so therefore the cost of the service is high to the user. Uber come in and undercut the taxis, so what would you expect. London must be similar or even worse, so I can understand taxi drivers wanting to protect their business. One black cab driver has been reported on radio as saying his takings are down over 40% since Uber started operating.


What would really put the cat among the pigeons would be if the black cabs went on strike, but there will no doubt be something written into their licence saying they can't do that.



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London's black cabs are fairly unique too. Do the drivers still have to undertake a comprehensive test of "The Knowledge" before being set loose on the streets?


I can understand that someone who's trained hard and spent some money on a purpose-built cab and licence etc, being a little miffed that anyone with a car, satnav and mobile takes away their income.


Having said that, it's just a fact that technology has overtaken them and legislation won't hold back the tide.



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YES it will in England


"and legislation won't hold back the tide."


If a baby started to read the laws of England, the baby would not get through them in 100 years, and will die of old age long before getting to the last page.


No English laws are removed from the statute books once in.


there are laws against,


Standing, sitting, walking, running, and other activities. also the hours of day, night, and day of the week|!


It goes on ad-finatum





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