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Preparation for the Hajj Pilgrimage - The 'MENA' Tent City at Al Makkah

Phil Perry

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Here is a tent city - preparing to receive over one million pilgrims from around the globe to the Hajj festival. The Holiest pigrimage in the Islamic calendar.


The tented 'City' can accommodate over one million pilgrims and family members in Air conditioned tent blocks, It has Shops, Stores, Bazaars and restaurants. . . interspersed with toilet and fully staffed medical facilities and connecting roadways with transport facilities provided..


The question I have is this.


The 'Mena' tent city located at Al Makkah ( Mecca to you and me ) is empty for the rest of every year.


Why then,. . .with all of the displaced Muslim refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Sub Saharan African states, Syria, et al, are not being allowed entry to Saudi Arabia to make use of this facility for the rest of the year ? ? ?




No one seems to be able to answer this simple question. . .about the country which hosts the beating heart of the Muslim faith.



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The Saudis are believed to be a major source of funding for the barbaric IS, so why would they help the displaced?


While much poorer countries like Jordan and Lebanon have done an amazing job accomodating huge numbers of their displaced neighbours, the Saudis realise what most western governments don't: that a big influx of refugees (especially of a different faith) can be very destabilizing to your country. The Saudi Royal family will not allow anything to threaten its tenuous hold on power.



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Asking a LOGICAL question about a religious practice? Hasn't life's experiences taught you anything, Phil? God works in mysterious ways, Laddie. To keep a head (your own) there, you must know "which" mysterious way applies where you find yourself, at the time. Nev



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