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Phil Perry

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Your starter for ten. . .




AND . . . .




Anyone mysteriously lost any Left socks, or even Shoes ? ? I'm told that this is typical of Mossad when they covertly bug your house. . .




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NO - I'M NOT A TRUMPIST. But the picture is useful in this instance.


A bloke very similar to the one in the picture asked for a job at my Brother's firm recently ( well, a couple of months back ) the job description was fora 'Receptionist' male or female, for the engineering company where he works. The bloke was really annoyed when he did NOT get the job. He was going to try and get the company prosecuted for discrimination, I hope he does not succeed. . .but you mever know with these knobhead 'Yuman Rites' lawyers. . . .seriously, would anyone want a face like this greeting valued clients ? I think a line in the sand needs drawing soon. . .





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I really don't understand why people would want to draw attention to themselves by piercings and excessive tattooing. I know that in some cultures, scarring and tattooing have a meaning, eg tribal Aborigines with chest scarring and Maori tattooing, but what the heck does all this bloke's markings indicate to Western European societies?


Think of all those pilots who suffered facial burns in WWII combats, and those maimed by gunfire on the ground. Their damaged appearances would have been recognised by society as badges of bravery, but still, people would have been stunned at the first meeting. A face like this bloke's would scare a poltergeist.


I'm amazed at the number of people who I see inked up. And not just young people. I can't get over the number of middle-aged women I see sporting tatts, and I don't mean the dainty little blue birds of yesteryear. Some of these women remind me of Lydia, the tattoed lady.



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Oh Gawd, I've got to agree there OME. Earlier today, due to the surprisingly warm weather, ( 21 DegC ) the 'Laydees' were walking around town sparsely dressed. I lost count of those with their shoulders and bare backs / legs plastered in tatts. . . I dunno, is it US ?. . .are we just old fogeys who are refusing to move into the 31st Century ?. . .I dunno. . .


A previous employee of mine,. .a brilliant graphic artist. . ..has opened a Tattoo parlour of his own. He has a couple of tattoos himself, but they are hidden by his shirt. He tells me that he '


Makes a superb living from the utter stupidity of others . . .' He and his rwo assitants are turning over around £3,500 per week in a tiny little premises in a nearby town, and he advertises his work on Twatter and Bookface too. . . .can't fault the guy.


I wonder though, how many of these people will begin to regret what they did a few years down the line ?. . Perhaps they won't. . . .one customer even asked hi to tattoo a seven year old girl, which he refused point blank to do. . . .they walk amongst us, and sadly, many of them are allowed to vote too. . . .but I'll bet they dont. . .but that's just me being bloody cynical again.



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Recently there was an ad on TV selling something, or making wise decisions. The content doesn't matter here. At one point, the voice-over said, "Some decisions are better than others" The visual was an elderly lady with a tattoo on her forearm. The tatt was faded and the outline indistinct because her once flexible skin had aged, as it does.


Another thing that gets me is the amount of money these young couples are spending on tatts. 3.5K per week? What, is he only open on weekends? I wonder where the money comes from for these people to get the number of tatts they have. I suppose it's better that their dole money goes to tattoo artists than drug dealers.



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Oh no. . .not again. . . . .



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iPhone video on Sunrise show scores of large pink balloons in the audience.

Balloons don't usually kill people Peter,. . I am HOPING to GOD that this is all a mistake. . . I'll keep feeding what I get here for a while anyway. . . .



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Reports of no flash or smoke, just the bang. It is believed the deaths resulted from people being trampled in the panic.

More than likely Peter.


After the massacre at Bataclan in Paris, people CAN get edgy . . . .


Ridiculous state of affairs isn't it ? ?



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