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Human Flying Drone!


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Now you'll be able to water ski up the Mulgrave, Frank!

We used to do it years ago, on the stretch where the Mulgrave and the Russell meet, to the Russell Heads! Can`t anymore, by law.


Went flying up the Mulgrave last Saturday to see if Big Boss Croc was still around ( been thinking it might be the one they shot ) Yep! still there, on the sand bar! this one is a real big one, I reckon over 5 mts, there was another one about 2mts...Two guys were heading up the river in a tinny so I circled around to see what was going to happen, they got about a hundred meters from Big Boss and it just gently backed up into the water with hardly a ripple and lay on the bottom, the guys in the tinny got about 20 mts from it, stopped and started fishing...No reports of any Croc attack.


As winter comes on, I`ll get to see more as they come out of the water onto the sandbars to catch the sun and warm up.





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Frank you didn't sky write a warning to the blokes in the tinny?

No, but I pointed at it several times, as I was directly above them.spacer.png..Just reminded me of the time, way back, when Bob Plant, the legendary Crock shooter, returned from a flight to Russell Heads, in the Drifter...There were two tinny`s about 50 mts apart and a big Croc on the surface, between them! Bob said he was frantically pointing at it and all they did was wave back.spacer.png. Croc just kept going on it`s way.


You could drop a message in a bottle on a streamer. Then watch one of them swim over to retrieve it.

For years, there`s been a big Croc about half a kilometer up from the boat ramp! This particular day there was a boat right on the spot and I`d seen the Croc on the mud bank, the afternoon before! There were two girls in the boat and three guys in the water,only a couple of meters from the bank, either the Croc had gone somewhere else overnight or it was lying on the bottom, bellow them! My thoughts at the time, " If only you`s could see the size of the Croc that was there, yesterday afternoon"....No attack occured.


There`s a lot of paranoia about Crocodiles.





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