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Phil Perry

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Sorry about the second pic,. . .that was supposed to go into the silly pictures thread ! ! It made me giggle after hearing about hordes of kids trudging around the Cannock Chase forest during the school holidays, searching for invisible 'creatures' still . . . I guess it's relatively harmless and no different to some of the daft stuff we used to get up to as low-tech young larrikins many moons ago. . .



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Had to look that LGBT up, now I know "Homosexual".The people of Lesbos (spelt Lesvos) island want their name back. and spell check can't get away from trying to spell it lesbian



LGBT is now outdated and offensive. In the UK it has expanded to the point it is very confusing and you're fearful of speaking with anyone for fear of offending them.


Here is a school form with 24 gender options. Unfortunately this is what happens when Social Justice Warriors run out of things to complain about.




Government asks schoolchildren to define their gender - and gives them 24 options to choose from


Coming to Oz in about fifteen years spacer.png



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LGBT ? Transgender, ? CISgender ? Gender FLuid ?. . .Non Binary ? until I saw the photo, I couldn't understand a lot of this stuff,. . .



Ah,. . .now I see ( I think. . . )

Hmmm... excessive amount of tatts including faux-military & grenade... t-shirt poking fun at minorities... I think this guy is over-compensating for something.



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