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What car is this?

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The photo of the car in Birchwood looks like a GTR-X, but the Hurricane is a seriously cool looking car... from teh front. The back would need some work and the petrol cap would have top be moved, but as a prototype, it looks to have some great potential in its day. It would be intersting to read why they didn't take it forward.

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It's easy to see why not.


It's not the price, which would have been huge.

It not they couldn't build it, but that's debatable, more a Italian specialist job.


But can you imagine trying to sell that next to a HT Holden?


It would make everything else seem dated, poorly made and extremely low tech- which is exactly what they were.


The GTR-X would have been barely possible, the exotic Hurricane had no chance.


A bit like Holden trying to make a Alfa Montreal or a De Tomaso Pantera.


No chance in hell



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The flying Merc was scary stuff, unless you are Mark Webber.


After his car flipped then his team mates the brass balled bugger still got in the backup car and drove like hell, until it flipped as well.


A he walked away both times, very stern stuff.

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After your driver's launch into unstable orbit at Lemans not once or twice but three times?


Aero instability was always a design issue and the first crash proved it. 

Even superman can't out drive being launch over a rise at 300+and you loose downforce and the air sucks the front of the car into the air. Now it's a airfoil and the car is suddenly airborne and flipping backwards at 300 +......faaarrk


Amazing crash safety but it's not if but how soon you crash. 

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