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The only auto museums I've been to are the Queensland Transport Museum in Gatton and the National Road Transport Museum in Alice Springs (not to be confused with the National Transport Museum in Inverell).


The National Road Transport Museum in Alice Springs is a must see if you are ever in the area. Apart from lots of trucks it has the Old Ghan rail museum and the RSL Military Museum incorporated there. They also have the Kenworth Dealer Hall of Fame which is a big pavilion full of just about every Kenworth from the old to the new.           https://www.roadtransporthall.com/

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The bloke was Peter Briggs, one of W.A.'s biggest corporate crooks, a master of the "bottom of the harbour" tax evasion scheme, and a good mate of Allan Bond, Laurie Connell, and all the other W.A. corporate scumbags of the 1980's.


Briggs sank dozens and dozens of companies to the "bottom of the harbour" and illegally amassed a huge fortune that he spent on "boys toys" - which "toys" included all the cars in both museums.


By rights, all the cars should be sold and the funds returned to the taxpayers of Australia, from whom the money was stolen. Briggs served only a very time in jail compared to what he should rightfully have served.


He should also have been stripped of a vast amount of his ill-gotten wealth. But our country is soft on white collar crime, even the public servant here who stole somewhere around $30M, only got 12 years.

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