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They don't make pilots like they used to ...


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I reckon if Alan Joyce spotted this 1938 article, he'd be pushing for similar operating hours and conditions for current Q pilots!


After all, if Jimmy Woods can work an 18 hr shift in 24 hrs, carry out 8 take-offs and 8 landings in that period, fly all night with no communication and no lighting, and no night-flying instrumentation - while doing 4 of the landings and 2 of the take-offs in the pitch black - as well travel 1546 miles in that period - why can't all Q pilots do it today, with such easy to fly aircraft!? Of course, Joyce would be looking to pay the same rate as Jimmy got, too, probably about $2 hr.



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I don't think the restrictions on pilots hours are really bureaucratic bull...., they are sensible regulations learnt from accident occurences. As are most of our aviation rrules, except that bureaucrats have taken them over and made them impossible to understand.

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