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Victorian A.L.P. implodes


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Four Victorian government ministers have resigned on the one day -


  • Treasurer and Deputy Premier James Merlino
  • Police Minister Lisa Neville
  • Health Minister Martin Foley
  • Sports Minister  Martin Pakula


Are expected to resign tomorrow, Friday.


Looks like Dan will be heading to Centrelink.

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Did they get shived, or have they simply had enough of politics?



Interesting typo - I meant "get shoved", but my finger slipped and it sounds like they got knifed in the back. A shiv is a homemade knife-like weapon that is commonly associated with prison inmates.

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I didn't know whether to post this in the COVID thread, one of the Chairman Dan threads, or here.. Here seems good enough as it is the first related thread to appear.


I like this youtuber. I remember when I first posted, there was a minor skepticism because it was a autotuned/syntheised voice and was highly critical of the NSW government, especially under Gladys. And of course, this yootoober was highly critical of ScoMo.


However, in this one, he takes Dan Andrews to task a bit, and if he (or she) is accurate, I would have to agree... Seems political expediency does take precedence over public health... At least this yootoober seems to have somewhat of an open mind.


Sadly, I agree with the assessment of the Vic Libs.. Couldn't organise a good f£ck in a brothel. Which means, there is no real threat to Dan, which allows him to implose the ALP, and still probably win an election. Sad days.


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