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The mouse that roared

old man emu

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The Mouse That Roared is a 1959 British satirical Eastman Color comedy film on a Ban The Bomb theme., starring Peter Sellers.


The plot revolves around the minuscule European Duchy of Grand Fenwick  which is bankrupted when an American company comes up with a cheaper imitation of Fenwick's sole export, its fabled Pinot Grand Fenwick wine. Crafty Prime Minister Count Mountjoy (Peter Sellers) devises a plan: Grand Fenwick will declare war on the United States, then surrender, taking advantage of American largesse toward its defeated enemies to rebuild the defeated nation's economy.


The concept of a minor nation affecting the actions of a major one is reflected in the current Australia/China trade war. Please don't react to the errors made by the Yank who made the video, like showing New Zealand's flag as Australia's.


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An informative video that only just touches on China's current major economic and industrial problems. When their property bubble implodes, the ordure will really hit the fan for China.

The single greatest problem that the Western corporate leaders have failed to take into account, with their mad rush into cheap Chinese manufacturing and the massive Chinese market for Western-technology products, is that China is still a Communist country, ruled by idiotic Communist ideology, and run by a Chinese Donald Trump, who worships Mao Zhe Dong, and who wants to fully emulate Mao.


The problem there, is that Chairman Mao was personally responsible for the Chinese Great Famine, for the Chinese Cultural Revolution, for uncountable millions of Chinese deaths, and for pushing China backwards into the Dark Ages more than once.

I firmly believe their current leader has no more leadership ability than Trump or BoJo, and is a rabbit who makes serious errors in management decisions, because his thought processes are faulty, and because he worships Communist doctrine as the leading light of the world. History will more than likely see China go seriously backwards in the next few decades - economically, financially and culturally.

Their financial system is the most opaque financial system in the world, and so much of their "official figures", are simply fudged, overstated, or outright lies - all designed to "save face", and to follow Communist doctrine and policies.


When one bloke declares himself "President for Life" of a country, the scene is set for the unfolding of major repeating disasters, as the leadership focus is entirely on the individual, and they take their eye off the ball - which is to ensure that correct economic, political and financial decisions are made for the country, without any emphasis on one individual having the final say, or directing the economy or individually deciding major policy making.


Meantimes - back in Australia, coal and gas producers are rejoicing as the price of coal and gas has rocketed to new heights. One shipload of Australian LNG which was worth around $70M just a couple of weeks ago is now valued at $125M, and all of Asia is clamouring for our gas and coal. In addition, Australian grains are in huge demand, as crop failures and droughts around the world have seriously impacted global food supplies. I have never seen so many happy farmers.

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1 hour ago, onetrack said:

I have never seen so many happy farmers.

"Happy farmers in late October, but I have great fears that Mother Nature will poke a stick in their eye just before harvest time.  Already the upper north-east of NSW is being subjected to severe storm activity, with more to come. If these storms continue into the early harvest season, crops will be flattened and the quality of the wheat will be downgraded", said Hanrahan's grandson. 



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7 hours ago, pmccarthy said:

It has always amused me that the names he used in the poem are family names from the Narrandera - Lockhart district.

Probably did that for the amusement of the local community. It was his parish, after all. Can you imagine him standing on the stage at some church dance and reciting one of his poems with the hero/heroine in he audience?


My favourite of his is Tangmalangaloo.

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e hear that farmers are doing wonderously well, because prices are high. What we aren't told is that prices are high, because farmers cannot fill the market.

To make money when prices are high you have to have produce to sell,but our journos cannot see that.

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