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The amazing story of the disappearance of James Bonds "Goldfinger" Aston Martin


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Here's a fascinating story about how a James Bonds Aston-Martin DB5, one of only two specially built for the film "Goldfinger", disappeared without trace in 1997, from a storage area in a Florida airport, and has never been seen since.

The thieves broke into the "alarmed, secure" storage and removed the vehicle, and loaded it onto a cargo plane without leaving a trace of evidence, or alerting security - which indicates a lot of people must have been well paid to look away.


It's a story that shows how some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world, are totally unscrupulous when it comes to building "collections" - be it art, cars, or whatever. The amount of stolen art in private collections must be sizeable.


The car was purchased in 1986 by an American collector for US$250,000 and was reportedly insured for US$4.2M when it was stolen. The insurance company paid out on it, and has never stopped looking for it.

The report below indicates it has been sighted in a collection in a Middle-Eastern country, and trying to get the vehicle returned must be a major exercise in finding someone in authority, with real guts, to take action.

The insurance company is offering a reward (amount not mentioned) for anyone who can locate the car and ensure its safe return in undamaged condition. I doubt whether there would be any reward seekers amongst anyone who actually knows where it is.






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They were an exceptionally classy piece of engineering in the 1960's and 1970's, but they only appealed to a small clientele who had to be exceptionally well-heeled to own (and maintain) one.

But I guess that also applies to all the other "superior" British marques, too - RR, Jaguar, et al.

A mate bought a mid-1970's Daimler Sovereign (V12 Jag) cheaply in the early 1980's, but he only kept it for a short time, after he learnt the grille cost $2800 to replace! (and that was 1980's dollars, too!).

He lived in kangaroo country and the thought of a 'roo demolishing his Daimler grille, kept him awake at night!


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In another life I used to be a mot mech working on Pommy/European crap, never seen a decent one yet! Style wise nice, under the hood the Japs beat 'em hands down! I owned a 420G during my apprenticeship. I soon learned my Toyota was my go too car if I had to actually get there!:-) The 'E' type motor sucked fuel like a B 747 at full noise:-)

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