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  1. If mankind wasn't so hell bent on killing each other off we'd have more money than we could poke a stick at! Maybe after the next ice age when the next species inherits the Earth they wont have the need to blow each other up!:-(
  2. Drivers of planes have to deal with both metric & Imp, it's not hard although metric is far easier in all fields of measurement.
  3. This has been known for a while, its Australia remember, 3rd world nation with a 1st world facade! We f*ck up so much that it's common place these days:-) We are NOT known to be the clever country despite the tag:-) $200 buys I hear you a fake Vax passport👍
  4. You just described ALL the lunatic Premiers as well, don't forget those criminals!
  5. Perhaps we ought to shoot the human species, they too have become plague proportions & pests😁We can start with the worst pests, politicians:-)😁
  6. Australia has got more water than you can poke a stick at, surfs up:-)
  7. How some of our parents & grandparents who lived on bread & dripping ever lived beyond 30 is amazing:-) All things in moderation they say:-) Had a bread maker when they first came out, yummy but the novelty soon wore off. Wonder what's next to be bought up quickly by the low IQ afraid? Mouse traps due being in plague proportion from all that bread?:-)
  8. I reckon those whom are aviation nuts need to go do a Sim ride with one of those crowds that offer them to the general public, you'll soon find out what's involved in the real world of heavy metal commercial aviation:-)
  9. That's very true, it's painful now especially with the ABC talk back segments all constantly trying to indoctrinate their listeners with the same crap daily! Just yesterday listening to the radio a mate had on in his hangar Raf on the ABC was being a typical Journo thug when a guy was talking about the rising mental health issues at his clinic, the 'look at me' Raf didn't want to know anything (constantly talking over the guy) other than the sanitized rubbish his boss (The grubby Govt) prepares for him/them! It was painful to listen too! I'd say a LOT of people have stopped listening
  10. On the W/E I had the lunatic Andrews goon squad pull me over for a CV compliance check (along with numerous others) Tried to hand over my license to the goon & even though the kid (yes looked about 12) was wearing scary I'm afraid gloves refused to hold my thin plastic card license, how tragic is that level of fear? Had to laugh:-)
  11. Yenn Ive got a headache now after reading all that😁
  12. We need another ice age to wipe out the stupidity of most of the human species! God 'elp us from the climate change nutters!
  13. Whilst not a silly picture (debatable!) it's a timely reminder not to let the grass get too long around your tie down star pickets! OUCH!
  14. There's an old saying 'Dax'....wanna make a million dollars in aviation start out with two million:-) In this f*ckued up uncertain world of ours aviation in most area's is teetering on a knife edge, I'd be making damned sure the history/books are very solid before I invested 10c in anything aviation! Good luck, fingers crossed for better times:-)
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