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  1. Well that’s the messages of the draconian rulers you worship!😉
  2. Politicians face re-elections, the lying grubs will say/do whatever it takes to get back in using the Covid BS hysteria as a bag of lollies!
  3. Imagine how much money has been wasted in space exploration & war weapons? Must be uncountable!
  4. Vacuum advance was just for rapid acceleration, centrifugal advance was for low load applications. Once at speed the vacuum unit can fall off!
  5. Simple answer to any reverse camber, drive to the conditions, slow down! 👍 Australia’s roads are generally crap!
  6. With those looooooong replies guys you blokes have gotta get out more and reduce the dick swinging !😉😂👍
  7. I’ve played guitar for 50 years just for fun on and off (still got my Maton) and I play the keyboard but also just for fun (Clavinova 601), never could read shaped notes, tried but simply couldn’t be bothered. Dad played piano from a early age and could read music, together we had music fun and to most that’s all that matters👍
  8. Experience and good training guarantees nothing! Plenty of so called qualified drivers are statistics these days! You can make a 1000 buses all identical right down to the colour of the toilet flushing button but you will never make two drivers the same despite all the hairy fairy feel good CRM and HF bullsh1t! Human nature cannot to controlled!
  9. Every form of vehicle ‘banks’ into the turn accept 4 wheel vehicles & most trains. (Some racing car events do though)
  10. I guess someone just wanted to share the love😂😂The fear is spreading😂
  11. Education at the school level is overrated, always has been, one ‘learns’ after they leave school, much like a pilot, you need no formal education and yet it’s possible to end up driving a bus with a couple of hundred lives in yr hands, trust me I know😂
  12. Speaking of crays etc. Many moons ago a few of my mates & I used to hire wherever plane/s we could out of YMEN & drive down to YFLI to collect crays straight off the boat.....$5 kilo!! I did say many moons ago😂 Hessian bags full and dumped them in the back of my old Ute when we got back to sell direct to my work colleges at $10 kilo👍 old Stan Bowman would leave an old sh1tbox Sigma at Whitemark for us to use, you could see the road thru the floor under yr feet!😂 We must have been crazy driving SE planes over there!😂 Ah the good ‘ole days.....long gone🙁
  13. Don’t blame you👍Like the lunatic McClown in WA that’s now a whole other country from his criminal actions! I feel sorry for French Is, Phillip Is not being part of Australia😉😂
  14. I never realised Tassie wasn’t part of Australia? There ya go learned something new!😉
  15. We’re would we be without cut & paste?😂😂
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