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Quote of the Day..


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You know, we hear so many oxymorons, spoonerisms and the like, I figured I would start with the quote of the day. Unf, this came from whatchafl which has more digital rights management than a porn site for DT.. so I have to type it out..


Matty Pavlich on the sacking of Freo's coach, Ross Lyon..


Interviewer: "So, you have lived a big part of this club's history; is it the most tumultuous day this club has had?"


Matty: "... <blah blah..> that was tumultuous - and huge... "


Fair dinkum!



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Former U.S. President Harry S. Truman had some good ones. Here's a couple of examples:


“Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a Republican. But I repeat myself.”


“The Republicans believe in the minimum wage - the more the minimum, the better.”



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When they come out here to set up businesses, they are appauled that we have a minimum wage in any form. The market fixes all things apparently. It's had enough time to prove it and it has not done so. Same as "must take the lowest quote". That builds Jeeps and Fiats in the US .Slavery built America and they would like to have it back again, especially in the South (hottest Part over there). Nev



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