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Large sized bear


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Not sure what type of bear this is, but it's big. I remember once seeing a stuffed polar bear in Nevada. It was supposed to be the biggest ever taken by Eskimos and was fully upright in a glass case, measuring 11'6" tall. It was preserved with it's mouth wide open; a human head could have easily fitted inside it. We're fairly lucky here in Australia in the bush, as long as you keep away from the crocs.


This one looks quite friendly though.














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Ben the Kodiak bear at Macquarie uni is a very big boy, they are the largest of all bears. He is or was in the biology department.


His head is easily 3 feet deep nose to back of skull. Would swallow a head easily. His paws were 2 feet plus nails 1 foot long and sharp like blades. No land animal would have a chance. Would make a tiger the biggest of all cats look like a house kitten.


Fortunately Kodiak island is a long way from here.



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I did a bit of a bear google, and I think the one in the model shoot might be a Kamchatka Brown bear. If so, they're what the Kodiak bear is descended from. But they say the Kodiak is bigger, so I don't think I'd like to meet one on a dark night.



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Yep I rather play games in the bath with a big salt water croc, at least I might have a chance. Or a shark, at least you can punch the bugger in the nose and hope that discourages the bugger.


Or maybe swimming lessons with Africa's deadliest animal, the hippopotamus. And that bugger is all bad attitude, it doesn't even eat meat. But just loves to kill anything that goes in the water.


Any of the above is still a lot better than a snow balls chance in hell



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