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Private Hospitals and insurance


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In the news, this 78 y/o woman who had paid her private health cover for years was refused admission to Hobart private hospital because of her age.


A very similar thing happened to my Auntie Pat, when we were told by the Ashford private hospital that she wasn't welcome back there next time, on account of ( they didn't say this explicitly ) she had become unprofitable for them.


I reckon that they should disclose this policy up front so that silly old people don't live in a fantasy world. Auntie Pat finished being looked after in a nice Catholic place ( she had been anti-Catholic for ignorant reasons) and the public hospital system, despite being proudly "private".


Maybe right-wing oldies are easy to rip off, methinks.



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Yep, the bit of information the insurance companies know very well but don't disclose is the payout percentage. That is, what percentage of claims are actually paid out.


I reckon we need an insurance buyers co-op to sort this out.



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Wasn’t it John Howard who promised that if we all joined up for health insurance, the premiums would go down? Now it seems premiums are going up and up, plus we have to pay extra to get anything done.


I am glad I didn’t listen to our worst prime minister.



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