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Driving the GT V8 Mustang


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I am having my MD Mondeo Titanium Wagon (2lit Turbo Diesel) serviced today by Courtney and Patterson so they gave me a V8 GT Mustang to drive around in for the day...WOW, you certainly know you are driving a V8 with the sound of the exhaust. It doesn't have all the luxuries of my Mondeo Titanium as they are replacd with all the sports look and feel. As a day car I would stick with the Mondeo but if I was a real rev head and extreme motoring enthusiast then I would without a doubt go for the Mustang. Fuel comparison would be chalk and cheese as with the 2litre Turbo Diesel Mondeo I can get up to 1,000 klms per tank on the highway and around 8litres per 100klm around the city, with the V8 Mustang just driving it back home I was getting around 13 litres per 100klms but I can't help wonder whether that was either normal or just me realising I had a v8 under my foot. The price difference between my Mondeo and the V8 Mustang is around $20k so one would have to really question how much you are paying for the name or dare I say Tradition given all the extras in the Mondeo. If the Mustang had all the same extras as the Mondeo and you were paying extra for the V8 then yes, maybe, it might be worth it just to have a Mustang but I would need to be rich or severely dedicated to get one. Having said that I would really really like to have one...and Corrine would swap her Comfortline Golf for a V8 Mustang without blinking



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You sit a bit low in the mustang but if you want one and can afford, it do it. You only live once. 13 litres/100 isn't to bad for what it is.


. You must push the Mondeo. I get about 6 litres/100 and over 1100 kms before I look for a bowser. It's a wagon also.


Try a Focus RS They only made a limited number of them. but most wouldn't know what it was. It's not set up to look any different. Nev



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Nev, actually I try my best to conserve fuel with the Mondeo but it is all little driving like side streets, picking up Lachlan from school, going to the shops etc so you must be doing some freeway driving but still 1,100 kms on freeway is a lot to get...I set the cruise at 115 when on the freeway which is real ground speed of 111 and get around 1,000 klms. Which model do you have?



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My 20 year old Delica returned 10.22 Lp100, on the run to Narromine and return,( best yet(with roof-rack on))




Not an Old thing that like this, was offered as a swap for my HummelBird. ( Best HummelBird economy 61mpg us / 3.8 LpKlmr).





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