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It was foreseen....


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I'm reading a sci-fi novel, "Titan" by Stephen Baxter. General plot is that NASA in the 1980's is being crippled by conservative anti-science politics in the US, so with the remaining hardware they have (shuttle "Discovery", and some refurbished Saturn V's and Apollo modules) they send off 5 people on a one-way, 6 year trip to Saturn's moon Titan.


What really stuck out was the incoming Republican president. An entirely disgusting human being, he immediately cut funding to all science organisations, built a wall between the US and Mexico, made all abortion illegal, started trade wars with China and Europe by raising tariffs, gutted the Environmental protection agency, and diverted rivers of money into the defence industry (including space planes - "space force", anyone?)


That sounded so familiar that I had to check when Baxter had written this... it was like he'd done it this year based on the real-life villian.


But in actual fact, it was published in 1997.



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