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Phil Perry

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  • 2 months later...

"Amazing the ridiculous places oil filters get put"


Mitsubishi put the Delica oil-filter over the "bash-plate" bolt, how stupid is that for a good design flaw.


All owners are advised to purchase a "remote filter kit".


I being different, I Just "moved the offending bolt". Seemed so simple !.


But the 1st time I squashed that bash-plate it bent the filter, but no hole.


The Pajero has a "plastic" bash-plate which fell apart on Fraser Isle, We picked up three on our couple of weeks there'


Still have the plastic fantastic plate, bogeyed up but holding together.





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I still remember how you wreck your hands getting at the filter on a KIMBERLY. Bloody BMC Crap. Always hard to get at. Never owned a BMC car. Worked on them though.. Bloody Volkswagens too. Hitler's revenge..Crankshaft breaking valve guide wearing oil burning mechanically noisy fuel guzzling dangerous fuel tank location horrendous oversteering, exhaust gases killing you when the heater on in a Kombi. They are now worth about 120 K for a microbus. No thanks..Nev



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