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Disarmament of the British Public continues apace.

Phil Perry

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Our disarmament continues - Air rifle control / Ban debate underway in the House of Commons at the moment. . ..


I believe that their next target ( pun intended ) is Peashooters. . . as these terrible weapons can take your eye out.


'Catapults' ( sometimes called 'Shanghais' ) were made illegal to sell or supply in the UK some years ago. . .( Thank gawd for that, . . I used to keep hitting my own thumb with pebbles. . .)


HOWEVER.,. .Interestingly enough,. . . it is still legal to purchase and keep Longbows and even CROSSBOWS, without any kind of licence nor personal owner registration / supervision..


Anyone who has had experience with crossbows will know that they are potentially bloody lethal. Even 'Low powered' models can kill at short range. I have an amateur constructed crossbow, which is extremely accurate up to distances of 30 metres. . ( No, I didn't build it myself,. . it was part of a 'Silent Key' sale, where a Ham Radio operator had shuffled off this mortal coil, and I sold some of his kit for his widow. I kept the CB as I liked it. )


Disjointed, poorly informed Governance.. . .leading to Disjointed, poorly informed legislation. . .



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Where do you think those dumb Yanks got the idea for their 2nd Amendment?

But But But Old mate,. . . .the Bow and Arrow was surely part and parcel of the detriment of early wagon train (ers), whilst moving in and immorally taking over masses of 'Injun' lands. . .?


I am royally surprised and stunned that ole' Abe Lincoln didn't ban this awful weapon when he had the chance. . . .


I am trying to visualize a fully automatic longbow. . . Chief Sitting Bull would have been appalled I'm sure. . .Hokahey !



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Meh... no great shakes. Air rifles are already restricted here. I have a firearms license so kept my father-in-law's air rifle when he died - tried to interest the kids in some target shooting last year and none of them were particularly enthused.



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I handed in my rifle when they wanted me to pay for a licence. From memory it was harder to own a gun in the UK in the fifties than it was in Australia. Then it appeared to be easy to own a gun when I went back to the UK to visit 20 years or so ago. Now in Aus. it is just about illegal to even think of discharging a gun.


A big change from when I was paid to carry and use a gun, but I don't miss the 9lbs on my shoulder.



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I have never owned a gun and the only guns I have shot are an air rifle and an M-16 (cadets).


I have been thinking of getting an air rifle here.. something like a BB, more for my son to target practice and me to scare off the foxes than anything else. Went to the gun shop and was told I would have to be registered. I don't think there was a cost (or if there was, it was negligible). I was OK with it, but was thinking how does registering ensure peaceful use? In any case, it would be more effective as a weapon against people used as a cricket bat, so if I wanted to use it to hurt someone, I may was well use a cricket bat - and I don't have to be registered to use it.



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