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MSM Ignore 60K quiet, polite demonstration in London today

Phil Perry

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1,000 anti-Brexit marchers get advance publicity & wall-to-wall coverage by the BBC and the rest of the MSM..


60,000 ( conservative numbers estimate - could have been 70K ) Football Lads Association & Veterans,. . including the Gurkhas, marching against Islamic terrorism - not a scooby Doo in the media. . . . NO trouble, only 2 banners in the whole crowd, and a minimal amount of police to oversee it.


Up the road not far away in Whitehall, some Antifa demonstrators, numbering around 100, ( Police figures ) all wearing bovver boots and face masks, bedecked with all sorts of offensive banners and placards, restrained by 150 Police officers.




This picture taken from half way along the road, next to the double decked bus where there were some people speaking to the masses. All good natured and Zero trouble. The small police presence is fairly evident here.


One banner can be seen way in the distance. No placard waving looneys at all. and NO face masking.


NO media coverage . . It didn't happen. It is against the current narrative.


If you look really closely, you can see me, just behind that banner in the distance, on the right edge of the road, and dying to find a place where I could go fro a wee. . . I finally found a cafe, where I used their toilet and then had a nice bacon sarnie too. I'm NOT a veteran, but I was in town for other reasons, so I thought I'd join in. Was interviewed by a gorgeous lady from RT, to whom I had to think om my feet and give an impromptu speech about why we were there.. .


15 minutes of Fame at last ? ? ? .



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Well spotted. Octave. You must be reading the music sheet.


. Phil..If you don't like what the media does there, don't purchase their papers or watch their $#!t TV. Yeah I know you hate the beeb. Sorry I asked. Living in the UK takes it's toll on one. I don't know how you do it. Half the world can't be wrong though. Shades of Recall the Renault advert....? 50 Million Frenchmen can't be wrong, thing. Some actually chose Peugeots Citroens or even "german" cars. Nev



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That is a poor representative sample of the 'Veterans Against Terrorism' march if I may say so Mr. Octave. There were a few 'Dissenters' standing along the pavement here and there 'Having a 'Go' at the marchers,. .well captured by this video clip. The ones hoping to incite trouble were the ones who got the Verbal from the 'Lads' but nothing else. They made sure that they were standing very close, or behind police officers whilst catcalling.. . .In the main, I found it went off quite well. I was walking with a couple of families with small children in tow and we didn't even hear or see any nastiness at all, verbal or otherwise.


There were no arrests that I heard about, and I have asked, since returning home late last evening.


We were quite some distance away from the 'Terrorist' attack outside the Museum of Natural History, which was then pronounced Not a terrorist attack . . where an Uber minicab driver entered a semi pedestrianised area, ignoring a No Left Turn sign and had to squeeze his car between the buildings and some large planters to get into the street. He demolished some other street furniture and bollards, there were no concrete anti - terror barriers in that area, but one of the photographs shows street furniture debris spread all over the street, logic says that his car must have been travelling at more than 20 MPH to cause that.. . .he then ran down several pedestrians, injuring eleven. . . not slowing down as he did so.


He then swerved to the opposite side of the street,towards more pedestrians, but was rammed and stopped by two private cars. He tried to 'Do a runner' but was caught and held by members of the public ( 20 MPH speed limit for vehicular passage ) He was held there for around 10 minutes until the police arrived and arrested him. Many eye witnesses to his final arrest have said that he was laughing about it as he was led away. Shock perhaps ? I mean, sometimes, information of this kind can well be misconstrued if there exists a narrative to be serviced. The police / Establishment have not released any CCTV footage of the incident, even though the place has many cameras, some obvious, and some discreet. . . There will, no doubt be a media shutdown of the event in a very short time, as is usual with strange events such as these. I have NO IDEA if this was indeed an attempted terror attack, but the authorities seem to have discounted this in a very short time, leaving many questions unanswered. The man was never identified, although there were so many social media images take of him that it was evident that he is of African, or Caribbean origin.. .as are a high proportion of Uber taxi drivers in London. It's a job that most people with a driving licence can do, so it is popular as a means to make a living.


His car was Allegedly carrying three female passengers, . . .but any further mention of them has not been made. The area was cleared and locked down for seven hours yesterday, with armed police all over the place. . .bit odd for a simple RTA ? . . Oh well. Nothing to see here. . .move along please. . .


It's OK though, the driver was released this morning without charge. An 'Unfortunate' Road accident apparently, and since no one was killed,. . it was just part and parcel of living in a Big City.


Should you believe the Government / Mainstream Media narrative regarding this non-event, then I hope that you also believe fervently in the tooth fairy too.



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Two members of the public, allegedly the drivers of the private cars who rammed the Uber taxi, restrain the Uber driver when he tried to run away from the 'Accident' whilst loudly shouting things, but no one has REPORTEDLY. . . said exactly what it was that he was shouting. . . .maybe Alahu Ackbar ?. . or, Oh my God I am so sorry.? . . we just don't know. Why did he try to run away though ?. . .shock probably . . .


All later MSM pictures of the man have been pixellated to hide the colour / nationality / race of the driver. Horse gone, door, bolted.


If I was a conspiracy theorist,. . I would have to say that the official narrative of this event is at the very least,. . .rather odd. MORE pictures of this event will be posted for discussion as I receiive them. The Metropoilitan Police, have requested that ANY and all social media video and / or pictures should be handed in to them as soon as possible.. . .( so that they can control the narrative ?. . .what a nasty suspicious mind I must have. . .)



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Of course it wasn't a terrorist attack. The British police are doing a wonderful job preventing terrorist attacks. In the same way our Aussie PM keeps telling us how many terrorist attacks have been thwarted, but I cannot remember a single case of a potential terrorist being prosecuted. they all seem to be arrested and released without charge.


I can remember one case where a foreign doctor working in Australia was accused of being involved in terrrorism, without the police having any evidence. The government did a wonderful character assassination of him.


I wonder why we don't trust politicians or policemen nowadays.



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