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Trustworthy Trump

old man emu

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The voting public over there (and over here) don't have the patience to read about in-depth investigations into candidates - even if that had been published before November 2016.


They love 5-second sound bites and mindless slogans.


"Jobs'N'Growth" or "Big New Tax", anyone?


But I agree... an interesting insight into the activities of this family. The rotten apples haven't fallen far from the crooked tree.



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In reality, the Trump family haven't done anything most families in that position with necessary resources (state or private) available wouldn't have done. It's not surprising, especially given the public face of the corporation. It's not right.. It's just not really unexpected. One could argue our dual citizen pollies who haven't done the decent thing are engaging in the same tactics, albeit on a much smaller and less resource intensive scale.



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People using their money and influenced to get more money and influence. What's the logical outcome of that? IF its normal so what? It's still unsatisfactory. One person one vote is supposed to counteract that but won't


(a) Where sufficient information is not available to make an "informed" assessment of the worth of each candidate. The media is complicit in this but it gives THEM power so it won't be changed unless WE do something about it.. Ie Don't buy or read their rubbish. Demand and reward Quality.


(b) when many are denied access to a voting means. Widespread in the "States"


© where the voting process is corrupted.


(d) where you can "buy" benefits for special access to pollies, by "donating". (often secretly) to their coffers or assuring a good job comes their way for services rendered, after their political term is over.


(e) where people are so confused (pi$$ed off) "They are all as bad as each other" etc), that they don't bother to vote. The "right" to vote is hard won in most places so use it (wisely) or lose it.


ADD a few more of your own but you get the drift..... Nev



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