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Footy injury

Old Koreelah

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Football is a dangerous sport and players can be hurt while playing. That happened to a young fellow who was hit pretty hard on one play.


The doctor came onto the field while the team all stood around him, waiting to learn how badly he was hurt. In order to do that the doctor asked him a few questions as he lay on the field.


"What's three plus three?" the doctor asked him.


"Seven," he said.


"What's the capital of the Australia?"




"Which city is farther east, Sydney or Perth?"




At this point, the doctor thought that he was confused and probably had suffered concussion so he told the coach to take him out of the game.


But another team member quickly spoke up. "Don't do that, Doc. Let him play. He's alright. He didn't know that stuff even before he was hit."



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i once was privileged (?) to operate the PA system at a local Rugby League Grand Final in Dubbo. Asked the secretary of the organisation, how come, since these guys are paid a fair bit of money, they have to fight over one ball. Can't they afford a ball each?


One of the senior Council employees commented that "footballers are almost capable of tying their shoelaces".


In all honesty, I think it a great thing that there is such a thing as football competition, imagine if they were all left wandering the streets with nothing to do ....


Must admit, though, watching a top game live, in almost any code, can be really fun, and watching any game where the participants are in it for the enjoyment and not just being extensions of their parent's ego is also good.





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