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Historic Pictures ( non-aviation related )

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The Titanic in dry dock. Here you can see the scale of the person standing next to one of the propellers, 1912.




Look Huge doesn't it ? ? Earlier today, I saw a bow picture of the Queen Mary 2 Cruise liner, with Titanic superimposed in front of it. . . .It made Titanic look like a tugboat ! If I can find the pic again, I'll post it later.



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Yes it does. Probably less wake. What a magnificent piece of work. Ironically it didn't make it's maiden voyage. Who would imagine that a possibility? The R 101 Airship was similar, on a smaller scale. Great expectations, catastrophic outcomes. Nev



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Ironically, it's the tragic loss of the Titanic on her maiden voyage - with the loss of 1,503 people - that ensured her name will be remembered long after any other tub.


If she hadn't sunk, and was plowing the oceans for another 50 years, nobody would know anything about her.



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