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Anyone good at speaking German?

flying dog

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Folks, is it me or what?Is it that people are no longer interested in helping anyone anymore?


I ask a simple question and get replies from people fobbing me off to other things.


Seem to emeber (or think I mentioned google translate is not a preferred option.


It can not ....."explain" things.


Ah, I give up.



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I offered to help you, oh in my first post I said it in German.


And myself and pmccarthy suggested you may like to try google translator as it is good these days, we didn't say go use it.


pmccarthy was only suggesting you may like to try that. I think the problem is more on your end as both of us offered a suggestion and you fobbed us off.



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Seem to emeber (or think I mentioned google translate is not a preferred option.

You never said this...


And why have you posted the same thing three times? I have responded to your "fob off message"


I think you need to read your posts again and also the replies.



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Google Translate varies a bit between languages, but generally not too bad as long as there's not too many technical terms involved. The language I mainly deal in, it's not too bad as long as it's not lower case or old style script.


Cutting and pasting from forums can be a problem with slang and local lingo coming up as gibberish on Google Translate.



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I think Vizzie has a lot of problems getting an Internet connection from the remote area in which he and she live.

Probably sent several posts that didn't make it to the forum.



Kaz this is Flying Dog . Are you referring to Flying Viszla , or have I got things all c****d up ? ..... Bob



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You posted at 3.32 and whining at people at 3.46 for not helping, i.e. 14 minutes later?

Are you serious?

He is annoyed because we suggested he try google translator as it may be quicker for him, he then said he said translators would not work as he already said that, however that was not mentioned in the first post.


I did offer to help him and asked him how much does he need translated and how quick he needs it then he pulled the pin..


Damned if you do, damned if you don't.



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If anyone is still looking here.......back in the 90's Nina released he song 99 red baloons in both English and German. from whatI can tell the lyrics pretty well translate literally.There is another song and I want to know if it is the samee in translation.

If that's the type of translation/validation you are on a very slippery area as cultural background of the translator comes into the equation as does the need to form poetic/sound patterns within the result to match the music - its both contextual translation and lyric alignment.


Online translators vary in their capacity to provide contextual translation separate from literal translation and from your post you are looking for full contextual not literal. Contextual translation is very translator specific and that comes down to their personal language history.


For me I cover English, Spanish and Japanese languages spoken and English and Spanish written for translation and I have been watching Google translate over the years and for English/Spanish its actually pretty good at giving contextual translations that align with actual spoken Spanish or English (depending on the direction I am checking) ... but here is the issue, MY Spanish form is South American Spanish and Google is a modern Spanish Spanish form ... my 'native' or contextual translation into Spanish comes out sounding the equivalent English from 200yrs ago to a modern Spanish speaker from Spain while Google puts the sentences into modern Spanish.


On that basis I use google translate for German/English translation and English/French because my German and French are not adequate and the results still come out in fair English and people I am corresponding to in German and French are able to understand ... and most of that is on technical issues.


BUT none of that covers the additional need to not only do contextual translation but to then ensure it fits lyrically to the music ... you might end up with a movement of the wording for lyic purposes that makes for an 'odd' form when translated.



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Well it's a dog's life sometimes.

Technical German is often difficult for general translation. If you need technical German you may to guess what the word is from the words. Eg a teeth wheel is a gear. I was once OK at that from my time doing engineering in Germany. Let us know if Google does not work



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