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Discount fuel


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You probably know part of this, but do you kknow the full story?


You all know that if you spend $30 or more in a single shop at Coles or Woolies, you get a 4c per litre discount voucher for fuel, at Coles Express Shell service stations, and at EG Petroleum (Ampol) stations that accept the Woolies vouchers.


Coles are now advertising they will double the discount to 8 cents per litre.


At least in Victoria, for Woolies customers, if you have an RACV membership card, you will get an additional 5 cent per litre discount at EG stations, for a total of 9 cents per litre. I don't know if there is a similar arrangement with motorists associations in other states.


Tonight, I got 16.23 litres at an EG station. Pump price was $1.84 per litre, pump total $30.01. Woolies voucher discount of 65 cents, RACV discount of 81 cents, reducing the amount paid tp $28.55.


I am told by a chap at the Men's Shed who works every angle possible, if you buy a Woolies gift card and use it to pay for the petrol at the EG station, you will get a further 5% discount.


Every little helps.

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I don't know if United are in any other States, but in NSW, if you register, you can get 4 cents/litre off. Just make sure that as well as getting the doohickey on your mobile, you get the card with the barcode. I got caught out at one servo because they couldn't work the phone thingy. The discount only amounted to $2.20 on a full tank, but a penny saved ....


I topped up in Dubbo the other day and Woolies advertised price was $1.90.5 while United was $1.88.5, so I was 2 cents ahead to begin with. The irony of the whole petrol discount is that it is only of real value if you are filling an empty tank. I suppose if you are going through a lot of fuel each year, then the discount saving would mount up. However there is usually a 100 litre maximum for the discount.

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I always check the '' fuel check  sydney ''  , APP thingy , then go to the cheapest servo. the best was a 12 cent litre saving , for a 5 minute out of the way sevo.

Large fuel tank , so 80 something litres .

now only putting small amounts in , ( stops My youngsters Borrowing the car, when told '' put fuel in '' ) LoL


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