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The Australian Charioteers ....


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There's a fairly good write up on Wiki. Racing began in the teens. here  It probably happened anywhere there was more than ONE bike.  There's a book out called "Bikes at Brooklands" and that's all about racing there PRIOR   That year they made about 70'000 bikes to WW1.  A notable performer was "Wizard" Smith on a SINGER which  he tuned successfully therefore the title "wizard" .   The 1912 TT (tourist trophy) was won by an Indian Hedstrom beating a Matchless JAP . Indians had a big import duty on them and the London dealer was Billy Wells, a very active promoter of the brand.    One of the 1913 models was called the TT and was their first sprung rear wheel model with rear swing arm. This feature  was discontinued in 1924.  Nev

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