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A Refreshing Murdoch Masthead


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When I first came to the UK, I purchased the Sunday Times, not knowing who owned it. I used to read it every week. I purchased others, but compared to them, it seemed more balanced in its approach. Maybe it just appealed to my bias.


I haven't purchased a paper for a while - maybe 3 months. I can't recall the last time I purchased a Sunday Times. But a couple of stories came up in a newsfeed I have, which were from the Sunday Times, which I now know is a Murdoch title, and curiosity got the better of me.


On reading it, there is no doubt, it is right of centre.. but apparently not that much. There was the obligatory stab at the BBC, but even that was presented in the context of a few faux pars in a media organisation that distribtues and broadcasts over multiple TV channels, radio stations, and world service.. and even it stated that this in withing the pretext of an effective 30% reduction in funding over 10 years or so thanks to freezing the TV tax.


And then, although it is clear from Murdoch's other mastheads, that the organisation here is pro-conservative, it had a massive front page on access capitalism (a secret advisory committee made up of multi-millionaires and billionaires that contibute a minimum of £250K, but mostly many millions to the conservatives) and chronicles the alleged advice taken including early end to lockdowns, reduction of taxes for the ultra-rich, etc. As I read the paper, it was refreshing to see it being apparently critical of government in many areas.. and also being critical of the opposition as well.. Even the attempt of resurrecting the Tassie Tiger through cloning using the genome sequence of a Numbat got good air (or paper) time. And some social media ills which don't seem to make the various web sites were aired.. which I had a very quick chat with my daughter to see if she was a part of.


Some of the editorial was clearly conservative supporting.. but they admitted it! I was truly shocked.


So, I am happy to say, I have found a mainstream media masthead that, despite its ownership, at least seems to be balanced and admits where it may not be.. I think that is a good thing.


And no.. I don't work for Murdoch (nor do any of my family or friends).. It was so refreshing, it was worth a mention.. The result.. I won't buy it every week, but it is one I will buy on a more regular basis. Now, if I will, then maybe others would if mainstream media was not so bloody biased these days.


And yes, I know this is a rare exception...

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