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An interesting Christman Present


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My son is (still) giving me an interesting Christmas present... He is writing an emu wars game... It is taking him longer than he hoped... He had, however, created this trailer.. some if it is pilphered from youtube, but it was assuming enough to post here. He has apologised for some grammatical and typos (he is a chip off the old block), but he was racing to finish it on time. There is a bit of a gap about mid way through...



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"Emu Wars game?" I'm sorry, Jerry - but I'm lost on this description. Not being a game player of any kind, doesn't help. The only Emu War I know about was the one we had here in W.A., in the extreme North Eastern Wheatbelt , in 1932 - when the emus invaded ripe wheat crops in force, and the Army was sent in with machine guns to wipe out huge numbers of them.


The end result was about on a par with an American Army "jungle-clearing" exercise - vast amounts of ammunition expended, for very few kills. The story of the "Emu War" went worldwide, and horrified the budding environmentalists and animal-lovers of the Old World. Unfortunately, few of them understood how damaging emus were/are to crops, and how tough they are to kill!



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On 27/12/2021 at 10:22 PM, Jerry_Atrick said:

When he awakes from his slumber,

Why is it that these young blokes involved in any way with developing digital platforms, be they games or eCommerce, never seem to operate on the same times as the rest of us? I can't get my son to answer a phone call before 10:00 am , but I bet it would be picked up straight away at 12:37 am.

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