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Was NOT supposed to go this way.


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Despite Bob Riggle being pretty fit at 80, I don't believe your reflexes and balance are the same as they were, when you were 30 or 40.


So ... 40 or 50 years ago, he would picked up that the car was starting to lift, and corrected with the steering to bring it back down.


I've never, ever, rolled a car, but geez, I've had some narrow squeaks. Learning to drive on gravel roads, and practising drifting on every corner on a daily basis, sure helped sharpen the vehicle control skills.


2500 HP out of a big block V8??? Geez, what kind of rocket fuel are they running it on, and how many turbos do they have feeding it??




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They are a special LARGE displacement and relatively heavy engine. High tensile iron block  real good crank and rods. Not really like a nitro non cooled drag engine that  runs for a few hundred revs. in under 5 seconds.  (The REAL thing). Nev

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