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Mystery device - ID required


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Well, men - I need some help to ID a mystery device recently delivered to a mates vintage machinery/farm collectables club, in a W.A. country town.


This thing comprises two pipe sections pinned to what appears to be a footplate or baseplate. One pipe section has a hook on its other end, with a metal ring and chain attached.

The other pipe section contains a threaded screw mechanism, internally - and it is screwed in or out, utilising the silver-coloured handle assembly, which swivels on its mounting.


The chain can be hooked and unhooked to the pipe section that is internally threaded, to govern the length adjustment of the chain.


It has everyone beat, as to what it is from, and what it is meant to do. I suggested it is a support mechanism of some type, with the baseplate designed to be sat on the ground, and the mechanism screwed in or out, to allow for height adjustment.

The other pipe section is obviously designed to hook into some other part, and the chain governs the angle/position of the part the hooked section is supporting.


The pipe sections are about 600mm long, and the base plate is around 150mm long, and about 100mm wide.




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I've seen a lot of mystery items, and know about a fair bit about most items of equipment and machines - but this thing has me beat - and it has every bloke in the vintage farm equipment club, beat, too!


And they're nearly all experienced and knowledgeable, farm and machinery and equipment blokes, too. It was dropped off by someone who is not in the club - and they didn't know what it was, or did, either.

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