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Bruce Tuncks

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Anybody have an email address? I had an order stuffed up at amazon ( they got the florist wire gauge wrong ) but they also declined to accept my card details.
Well 2 wrongs actually made a right here! I wanted to cancel but they had done it for me.

Now there was plenty of money on that card. They said to check all the details but they would not disclose the card number. But when I tried to start again they would not accept the card  number I put in... beaten by bureaucracy again, thought I.

So I wanted to email amazon and also paypal but there is no address to email to.

Are there better places to deal with?

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If you have a paypal account you can sign in and click the  button for the "Resolution Centre" here you can report  a problem.     I have only ever had to do this once. I bought an item for around $30 and after a few weeks it hadn't arrived. I went to the sellers website and it had disappeared. Upon reporting this to paypal they informed me that they would investigate and it could take 3 weeks.  24 hours later the money was back in my account. I was quite impressed. 

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Both PayPal and eBay have a fortress mentality when it comes to customer contact. Same as a lot of companies nowdays. I fairly sure you can't email them, but both have an option of a live messaging service whereby a real person will get involved in an online chat with you to try to sort things out. That chat will stay active for days if need be, until you or PayPal close it.

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You can't email PayPal directly. Like all global corporations, they will contact you at their leisure. You leave a message on their Resolution Centre page and they will get back to when they feel like it.

Fortunately, they do address problems, but they do it in their own good time. It can take 2 or 3 days to get any response from them.


I had a problem with a Chinese bloke who was supposed to send me a big starter motor for my little Cat traxcavator. I paid him via PayPal so I could get my money back if there was any fraud involved.

I asked for the starter to be sent via air freight, but not express air freight - just standby air freight, so I got it in a reasonable time frame, without huge costs. He charged me US$130 in freight cost.

He was supposed to send me photos of the package, and he didn't. He was supposed to send me the consignment note number, and he didn't. I had to chase him up to get the con note number. He apologised, and reckoned he just forgot.


I watched the con note tracking, and it went to Preston in VIC., and it then advised the item had been delivered. I got up him, and told him the con note number he gave me was suss, and I still didn't have my starter.

He apologised again, and gave me a line that it had been delivered to a wrong address, and he would get it re-shipped, and give me another con note number. I waited and waited, and still no starter.


To make a very long story short, I got sick of his beating around the bush, and no starter, so I asked PayPal to refund my money, as I reckoned I had been dudded.

I started the refund process, and PayPal puts the refund process on hold until the other party responds. So, if they respond, well and good - but if they don't, you have to wait for up to 3 weeks for PayPal to decide what they're going to do.


As it turned out, the Chinese bloke responded to PayPals action with regard to my refund request. He said the starter had been sent, and it was still coming. Within a couple of days, the starter arrived out of the blue!

So I contacted PayPal, and told them to cancel the refund request, as I'd received the goods. Then the Chinese bloke emailed me, and asked to do just that, as PayPal had taken the money from his account, already!


Within about 3 days, PayPal had cancelled the refund request, and returned the funds to the Chinese bloke, so it all ended well. But the Chinese bloke didn't help himself any, with a poor command of English, and a roundabout delivery method.

Instead of air-freighting the starter directly to me, he had it sent to some gate accessories company in Preston in VIC., - who then re-shipped the starter to me, by road!


I reckon he was pulling some stunt to save himself freight costs, by including my starter in a palletised shipment of gate accessories - and then getting the gate accessories company to road-freight the starter, on to me!


All in all, it was a stressful deal that took a total of 7 weeks from order, to receipt of the starter! It would've helped if the Chinese bloke was clear on what he was planning, but he was essentially being a bit devious, in order to make more money.

PayPal did everything right, they just take their time, and you can only correspond with them via messages on the Resolution Centre page.

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