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It's now Sir Lewis.


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Lewis Hamilton joins the list of motor racing identites to receive a knighthood.


Here is the list.


Motor racing
Sir Henry Segrave (1929, Knight Bachelor, 1896–1930)
Sir Malcolm Campbell (1931, Knight Bachelor, 1885–1948)
Sir Jack Brabham (1978, Knight Bachelor, 1926–2014)
Sir Frank Williams (1999, Knight Bachelor, born 1942)
Sir Stirling Moss (2000, Knight Bachelor, 1929–2020)
Sir Jackie Stewart (2001, Knight Bachelor, born 1939)
Sir Patrick Head (2015, Knight Bachelor, born 1946)
Sir Lewis Hamilton (2020, Knight Bachelor, born 1985)

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He does seem to be an exceptional driver. Quite what else he does to earn a knighthood, I am not sure. That is in no way saying he doesn't do anything to deserve it, but I hope it is for more than being the best at what he is paid to do.


Every year (well, there are two "intakes per year), there seems to be some controversy - as with peerages. And they do seem to be giving them away quite easily to those with a publoic profile career rather than those quiet achievers who go well above and beyond the call or most people.


Also, if you want to get yourself one, you may have some help (they advertised in the Sunday Timed just gone: https://www.cnbc.com/2014/06/13/psst-wanna-buy-a-knighthood.html)


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Then there's the story of the farmer who was seen just standing in his paddock for days. A passer-by asked his neighbour what he was doing. The neighbour said, "Waiting for a knighthood. He heard you get one if you are out standing in your field."

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