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Reward for dobbing a drug seller


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Why is there not a standing reward, say $2000,  for dobbing in the guy who just sold you some illegal drugs? Is it because the sellers are a resource which guarantees  continuing jobs for police etc?


If I had my way, there would be thousands of people out there trying to buy illegal drugs just for the $2000 reward.


Then the nabbed seller would be offered say $10,000 to do a similar thing to his supplier. Plus a new identity if needed.


Hit men would be offered a great reward for dobbing in their employer instead of carrying out their contract.


Of course there are lots of details needed to be done right, but to my knowledge, there are no efforts in the direction of using greed and fear against the drug traders at all, and I wonder why not.



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Speaking of drug dealers and suppliers, I see in today's Melbourne paper that Tony Mokbel is trying to get his conviction quashed and be released from prison by February, because he was dobbed in by his solicitor, Lawyer X. Because the police cheated?? And of course he's as pure as the driven snow. The SOB is as guilty as hell, is where he belongs, and should end up like Carl Williams.



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The law is an arse.


But we can not allow the cops and lawyers esp the defence ones just make things up or change the rules to suit themselves. That is what dictators and facists do.


Yes, he should be held and retried, and very very very slowly.


The cops and prosecutors involved should all be charged with perverting the course of justice and immediately held without bail until trial. They have committed a most serious crime and should have no expectation of mercy. They claim they were unaware it was wrong- what bulldust. That is virtually impossible. If they did not know then every conviction in their career would be completely suspect.


Society can not allow the courts to be used and abused by the police, ever.


Yes, it sucks some pricks might get out, Karma might catch them.


And Simon Overland claims he knows nothing and never even had diaries of it all- until they find them in a search. Throw the absolute full weight of the Law and crush the criminal cops if found guilty.


Now some will say - they deserve just a slap on the wrist, after all they served us for so long etc.... NO. They deserve the utmost contempt and full time prison. They are the ones who rule over us and have extraordinary power imbalance in their favour.


Just like priests or teachers abusing students. They must be expected to hold a higher standard and punished accordingly.


The danger they may face in prison is no excuse for a slap, they can stay in confinement safely. They say that about everyone else. The rule of law is sacrosanct.



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There's a hullabaloo when someone polishes the ball with sandpaper. It's against the Laws.


Our Society has rules that everyone has to obey. Society appoints some of its members to report those who break the rules, but Society also has rules on how those appointed gather the information for their reports. Both sides must play the game according to the rules, but if the appointed don't follow the rules, then they bring Society into disrepute. That is the greater offence against Society.


The ironic thing is that if the appointed ones gather all the information they need before they make their reports, then in many cases, the rule breaker has not choice than to admit breaking the rules. Half Rrs'd reports deserve to be ignored.


The criminal offence of false accusation is considered a serious one. Technically it is an indictable offence and may be dealt with by the district court, where the maximum penalty is seven years’ imprisonment.


However, the offence is also allowed to be prosecuted, and in fact tends to be prosecuted, summarily in the local court where the maximum penalty is two years’ imprisonment. If the penalty for the crime that is falsely accused carries a long period of imprisonment, then the penalty imposed for falsely accusing should also be long.



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I've never seen more polished liars than senior police officers brushing aside accusations of wrongdoing and criminality. After they have been in their position for many years, even decades, they obviously often feel untouchable.


Overland is the biggest and best liar I've ever watched. Trying to claim he knew nothing about Gobbo acting as an informant, is about as believable as a 5 yr old saying they didn't touch the lolly jar, while they have food colouring on their lips and fingers.


There are just as many corrupt and criminal police as there are in the general population. Many are very cunning with their corruption and criminality, and know how to manipulate the system, because they know how it works.



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I've never seen more polished liars than senior police officers . After they have been in their position for many years, even decades, they obviously often feel untouchable. 


The higher up the Command chain you go, the more untrustworthy are the commanders. It's called promotion on merit, and merit is determined by the star in whose glow you put yourself. If your star goes super-nova, so do you.


The police force is is the only shithouse where the turds are at the top of the chain.



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