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Where else can you get a fully loaded, top of the range dual cab ute (that isn't a bloody HiLux, Triton, BT-50 or Ranger) with a full 5 star ANCAP safety rating for under $40K? Check out the Chinese-built LDV T60 Luxe - runs the same running gear as the Holden Colorado but built in China, not Thailand!







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Unfortunately, the LDV is no different to any other Chinese vehicle - suspect quality, piss-poor resale value (if you can actually sell it), poor service and parts backup, and built by people who were originally peasants, but because of Govt development plans, they were forcibly removed from the plots of land that they farmed, relocated to new city apartments, and given jobs in factories - to which they are completely unsuited.


It will be a long time before the Chinese produce and supply a high quality vehicle, or item of mechanised equipment - because in their Communist world, if a car/truck/tractor, or piece of machinery breaks, the Govt gives them another one.


In addition, the language barrier is huge between Chinese and English - and particularly, English high-technology words and descriptions. As a result, manuals are poorly written, often seriously lacking, and they fail to manage engineering updates.


The LDV group has tried to muscle in to the vehicle market, by purchasing the remnants of the Leyland-DAF (Commercial) Vehicles division - thus the LDV name.


Unfortunately, Leyland was a basket case from the late 1970's, and DAF was no better. Buying two basket cases who merged, is no way to develop a respected "Brand Name".


China still has too much corruption, leading to dodgy suppliers, inferior parts substitution, and outright fraud.


Even Caterpillar got taken for a major ride with its initial investment in China, derailed by fraudulent directors, inferior parts, outright stolen intellectual technology and copied designs, and power outputs of Chinese Cat products boosted to beyond Cat engineers recommendations.


Chinese Cummins engines are noted for serious QC issues, with major component failures happening way too often. In addition, no Chinese Cummins interchanges with any Western-produced Cummins engine.


The LDV ute may claim to have "the same" components as Thai-produced utes - the difference is, the Thais carry out their vehicle manufacturing with diligence, and full attention to QC.



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Reverse engineering doesn't address the "criticality" of some existing components in a  copied design. When you farm out production, the smallest reduction of materials quality makes it fail  often in a big way. WE make practically NOTHING here now  thanks to getting rid of  Auto production which with supporting industries employed 200.000 people and a lot of development research.. . The current LOW AUD would have made production here profitable.  Now it just makes all imports more expensive  than they would have otherwise been.  Our BEST gets exported overseas and we get what's left . (Look at GAS...)    Quality of life as the most important thing at the end of the day. Essentials must be affordable for most people....Nev



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