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Sometimes you can get lucky.


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Sometimes you can get lucky. For me it happens very rarely. But it happened tonight (no, not that, keep yourself nice!)


Last Wednesday, the price of petrol 91 went up from $1.29.9c/l to 1.71.9c/l. at 7eleven and our local Caltex servo. My son was driving into town and phoned to say the price at the Shell servo at Forest Hill was still at the old price. I went down there, and the Woolies Caltex behind the Shell servo was also listing 1.29/l. However, I have a Woolies rewards card with discount vouchers on it, so I got the petrol for 1.25.9c/l. On $40 worth, that;s an extra $1.25, or virtually one litre free. At the local Caltex, that $40 worth would have cost me over $53.00. Not a fortune to most, but it means a lot to me.


It doesn't take much to make some people happy.



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