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  1. Hi Pete! My apologies... My bad. I didn't spot the sarcasm.🤣 Sad thing is there are many people who actually say stuff like that and (even worse) do that... The next property to mine has started growing cotton! 😱 Its just crazy. Investors and shareholders will do well in the short term and other properties along the river will jump on board -and it'll be the next Darling. As I said I'm not a greenie, just somebody with the capacity to learn from past mistakes and current policy settings up here break my heart. The polies and corporates rea
  2. Hi Pete! I'm sorry but I don't agree with you. The water that flows in northern big rivers irrigates the woodlands and Savannah's that photosynthesise the oxygen that people in southern states breath, and scrubs the carbon from the industries and pollutants produced there. The north is the lungs and life support of Australia. Native vegetation has been largely cleared in the southern states. Thats contributes to drought, high ambient temperatures and water scarcity as well as many other environmental problems. The 'developed' southern states are net producers of GHG.
  3. Hardly anybody lives up there? 🤔
  4. I with OME on this and take a very dim view of our governments priorities. I had an even worse view of Boris Johnson over in UKstan who at least had the courage (or stupidity) to publicly state his intent to go the herd immunity route to protect the economy (the 'economy' being his big business chums, financiers, bankers and company directors). Now of course he has been forced to change track under the weight of public pressure. But contrary to independent WHO advice, the UK deliberately stalled the application of strict containment measures for about 2 weeks, thus exacerbating
  5. Yesterday I spoke with my sister by phone. She is a school teacher in UK with a chronic heart condition, living in a high density area. She also has a teenage daughter of her own and delivers supplies to my elderly parents both in their nineties... The poor woman was almost on the verge of panic. My wife and I spoke with her for about an hour to try and reassure her. Boris's decision to keep the schools open is clearly motivated to preserve as much of the economy as possible and some would argue favours the interests of big business and finance over the people he was elected to protect
  6. I took a break from circuits in the C172 yesterday and ducked into closest woolies. Place had taken a beating. While shopping for fruit a woman in the next isle started coughing. I noticed everbody in the store glared daggers at the poor woman who became totally self concious and immediately just left, almost in tears. We apparently don’t have Whu Flu up in the Top End just yet, but the atmosphere in the store when the poor woman coughed was toxic. I felt awful and appalled that we Aussies are now treating each other in such an un-matey way. I would have followed her out
  7. I think the evacuation from Wuhan was quite a complex issue. Many of the evacuees were not expats in the traditional sense, but dual nationals (Chinese holding Australian passports). Their normal place of work and residence was actually China, but they took the opportunity to leave Wuhan under the evacuation deal to escape the lockdown enforced there. Which is fine, they're still our fellow citizens. But many are also citizens of China, and DFAT must have pushed hard and expended political capital to relax the restrictions on their movement to get them out. Usually dual nation
  8. Why's there no ACCA DACCA on here yet? Im not really a fan, but they certainly brought a dose Aussie attitude to the world. But does anybody remember an old combo called Sebastian Hardy? I saw them live once. Four plucky Aussies who back in the 1970s went toe to toe with Poms and the Krauts with their symphonic rock noodlings. Admittedly not very Australian, but quite extraordinarily accomplished music. Alan
  9. NT5224


    Great looking English pub that! Id go for running one of them any day over nuclear site engineering or banking. You obvious know your wines and your Yorkshire puds. Alan
  10. NT5224


    Jerry_Atrick Thanks for that clear exposition. You're over in UK, so I defer to your better informed insight of the Brexit issue. Im no fan of Mr Farrage as you can tell. I agree had he resigned before the latest elections he could have walked away with his EU life pension. But I consider it gross hypocrisy that he constantly criticized the institution and agitated against it it on account of its lavish spending and cost to the British tax payer, when he then walks away at considerable cost to that same taxpayer on the EU purse. His pension alone will account for a part of sum
  11. `This is a good point and well put. Gave me cause for thought. I agree completely that politicians will always want to 'do stuff' to make themselves feel important and leave their mark, and adding to regulation is often what they do. However in passing legislation, I believe it is not uncommon for an act to stipulate that it repeals or replaces earlier legislation, or at least clarify how it aligns with what is already there. Otherwise, there'd be conflicting bits of legislation everywhere. Bush lawyers would have a field day! But we are certainly becoming over-regulated
  12. NT5224


    Hi Folks! A few points to stir the hornets nest... Personally I've been appalled by this Brexit mess over in UK. I think its madness, the Brits have slit their own throats at the bidding of their demagogues. Was reading the other day how their poster boy Mr Farrage used his final EU parliamentary speech to attack and lambast the institution as corrupt and venial. He will now gracefully retire on a lifelong pension from the institution he had decried as corrupt, to be paid by the British Taxpayer as part of the EU severance package. He has defended this pension and his intention
  13. Hi folks! Sorry but Im going to call busllshit on some of you cossetted darlings shreiking 'Police State". Thats strong language. Im basically apolitical, (although slightly left leaning) and have to say while it has its faults, liberal democracies like Australia are among the best places on this planet to live and we're all bloody lucky to do so. Much as we ridicule and lament our home grown politicians, the apparatus of state, and the bumbling incompetence of our executive and bureaucracy, they are nothing on the horrors people in other regions have to endure. So lets gu
  14. Wow! That dashcam video was absolutely terrifying! I cringed just watching it. Stupid woman will doubtless carry the consequences of her recklessness for the rest of her life. Drinking and driving is ill-disciplined and selfish, and I really dont have a great deal of sympathy for those who are caught. I own up to driving of those nasty ladder chassis 4WD's but am uttlerly unrepentent. But other than other outback residents and farmers, I'll agree most of the weekend warriors and recreational users of such vehicles are idiots.. I spend a lot of time and money fixing the fences
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