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lost a tennis match

storchy neil

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Herald-Sun cartoonist Mark Knight and family members have received death threats and Twitter has exploded with complaints by American celebrities over Marks cartoon of Serena's dummy spit,calling it racist and sexist. References made to Black Sambo. This version of the cartoon does not show the umpire leaning over to Naomi Osaka saying "Just let her win."





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It has made the news here, too... I think the basis of the accusation it is racist is the depiction of Serena, even as a caricature, is not accurate and more of the stereotypical, backward looking view of African-heritage women..... There is no excuse for her behaviour and she should apologise to Osaka for putting her in a place where she apologised for winning! (Or so I heard - I don't follow tennis and wouldn't have known of the outburst if the cartoon hadn't been published).



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