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Mr. Koreela, You are correct. Any well functioning society must have limits and boundaries and I'm not obsessive with personal freedom. My concerns are, in a melting pot of diverse peoples that we are, there is no longer any spirit of patriotism...

If by patriotism you mean love of country and willingness to serve it, that attribute is pretty common in many nations. Keeping your footpaths tidy, picking up litter, helping those need, volunteering...


Americans seem to be obsessed with the outward manifestations of patriotism. National flags everywhere in case anyone forgets which country they are in. Constant reference to patriots and heroes in movies and the media generally.


...We have a small minority of politicians and a large majority of media that have decisively and continually worked to keep the different groups at each others throats in their quest for power...

The Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower warned about already runs the USA. Big Pharma and Wall St. have joined them. Their lobbyists have strangled the great democracy that built America as the beacon of freedom and hope.All helped by one of the most corrupt media empire in history, presided over by Australia's worst export.


...I don't know what freedoms you folks enjoy, I'm guessing they are similar to ours. My grip is a small political faction dictating what is the best for all of us, not in the interest of the people but in the interest of politics and it will turn this country into a nation of lots of losers and very few winners. If you can make Socialism work it would be a great system but unfortunately the human element enters in and the system becomes corrupt.

Australia used to lead the world in social progress. We pioneered votes for everyone, the 8-hour day, votes for women, a social safety net, campaigns to improve public health (anti-smoking, etc.)


We have now lost our sense of innovation. The last daring building we erected was the Sydney Opera House- half a century ago! Wealth in Australia was fairly evenly spread. Now, as in America, it's being concentrated in fewer hands.


We seem to have imported the worst that American has to offer. Governments protect the right of overpaid, corrupt executives to plunder the nation's wealth and rip off the little people.



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