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Putting a mini (2003 BMW RC50) on the road


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Hi all,


Well, my partner has finally had enough of the XC90 and wants to go back to her beloved mini. We put it in storage for what was to be about 4 weeks, but it is 2 years now. And of course, I didn't stick inhibiter into the engine. So, this is my check list so far:


  1. Drain all fluids (without starting the car!). Petrol, oil, brake fluid, auto transmission fluid, P/s fluid, coolant.
  2. Check hoses, seals, etc; replace (there is nothing leaking under the car, so I assume all is OK).
  3. Change all filters (air, pollen, oil, fuel, etc).
  4. Fill with new fluids (correct fluids in correct places).
  5. Replace sparkplugs (petrol engine)
  6. Check brakes, replace pads and possibly discs
  7. clean and lubricate suspension
  8. Check airconditioning may need a regas.
  9. Recharge battery
  10. Spray lubricant into the cylinders/
  11. Start her up.


Anything else that should ber checked - was thinking of exhaust system and of course, signs of body structure rust, etc.


It has been under cover not rained on or anything like that, but in an open-door garage...


Will be enlisting the help of the boy who is probably far more mechanically minded and dexterous than myself.





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All the sludge settles to the bottom so you won't drain much of it out, unless it's stirred up. Change the oil filter anyhow regardless.. You could have a good ring of rust on at least one cylinder. . Check before running with a borescope and spray some oil in with the plug(s) out. You could have a rusted exhaust valve which may stick at the stem. (might have a cylinder not firing for a while) Minutes... not ages... Also a few hydraulic tappets may have bled down so don't rev it after starting till the clicking stops..


Check brakes come off. discs may have some marks on but perhaps not enough to worry about. If there's no uneven braking leave alone . Bleeding is OK. Drain master cylinder to avoid putting old oil all through the system. It's usually got sludge in the bottom of the reservoir. Clean that out first. The new coloured oil should show when bleeding at each wheel.. You might have to pressure bleed some of these systems if you can't get rid of the soft pedal in the normal way. Your water pump seal might be worth keeping an eye on, after sitting a while Your battery might be cactus. No harm in giving it a few charging cycles. If any cell shows heat, scrap the battery. Nev



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