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New app found on young peoples' smart phones

old man emu

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After years of being told by their children that the children's mobile phones could not be contacted because


1. The battery was flat.


2. They were out of credit.


3. It wasn't turned on.


4. They were in a blackspot,


a team of middle-aged telecommunications experts, all of whom had teenage children, has discovered a smartphone app used by teenagers to avoid certain text strings.


The app parses all incoming SMS texts, searching for text strings such as "you help me"; 'Where are", and "Call me"


When one of these strings is detected, the app immediately deletes the whole SMS and returns a "Message not Delivered" error message to the sender.


Advertising of this app is only by whispered word of mouth from teenager to teenager, and users are warned that anyone passing knowledge of the app to a parent, or person acting in loco parentis, will have their Facebook and Instagram accounts permanently disabled.



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