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Interesting chat with an old friend.

Phil Perry

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On Friday, I had a visit from a dear old friend, whom I have known since prior to my moving to Australia in 1971. . .


We were in the ATC cadets together, although he was in a different Squadron to mine. We met whilst training nearly every weekend in gliders at RAF Ternhill . . . He went on to join the RAF, and later to fly commercially. We kept in touch spasmodically, he was a terrific thinker, and a writer of copious letters ! . .. Used to vent his spleen to me about all sorts of things, from RAF officers being utter twats, to Flight dispatchers ( commercial - airline ) being drawn from a similar gene pool, to current affairs, politics. . Crap pop music. . .the lot.


He retired a couple of months ago and came back to the UK to bury his Mother, I never met her, but she sounded like a really clever woman, ( bit like MY Mother then. . .) We went out at his behest and had lunch at a big fancy pub which had recently opened not far from where I live in Cannock. It's a JD Wetherspoons pub,. . .good food, a goodly selection of very cheap ales and NO music allowed. . a 'Talking and socially communicating pub' as are all JDW's places.


We ate and he talked about his last fifteen years work in Europe, . .. he was, it seems, involved deeply in the international Arms Trade. . . .he told me some really interesting ( lightweight ) stuff about who what and when . . etc. he said he'd had dealings with the CIA for several years. as well as the Deuxieme Bureau,FSB and German Intel too. . .He refused to talk about the Israelis,. .. he said that they have a habit of popping in very late at night to 'see' people who talk too much ( ! ) He said that they steal your socks too. . .?


I had to ask if he could say anything about this and his response was F**k them. . .( The customers ) they are a load of slimy scheming A$$holes. His final comment on that subject was this.


"Everything you know, and the public knows, or have been lead to believe. . . . is a lie."





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"Everything you know, and the public knows, or have been lead to believe. . . . is a lie."



I would not poo poo (my personal pun) or take lightly what your friend has said Phil. Take some time out to read the below link and then place the personnel involved/revealed therein some 50 years on.


Right or wrong, conspiracy or not; if a reader is reasonably alert it should not prove too difficult to comprehend the current status of world wide confusion and division.


And the lie has been among us for a long time if this following information is correct…. .sadly you have been conned






Thanks Mark.


I have read a lot of this before, and still have it on file for a casual peruse.



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A lot of what I believed all my life has turned out to be a lie or just an "omission" which amounts to the same thing.


For example, as a shoolboy in the 1950's, the bombing of Darwin was raised very often, but it was spoken of as a single event and I thought of it like that until recent years.


And I was never told about the last official (ie police-led) massacre of aborigines in the Alice Springs area. It was in 1928.


And it is only recently that I found out what the grand strategy behind Gallipoli was about. Monty Python could have done no better, it was so comical in its stupidity.


I could go on with more examples.


Here's another reason why I reluctantly believe we are being lied to much more than we think... the persecution of Assange, whose only "crime" has been to publish stuff our masters want hidden from us.



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Yes, it is the vigor with which Assange (and whistle blowers in general) has been persued, that convinced me that all sides of pollyticks "needs" to conceal truth from the public.


Sadly, even if all I heard in MSM were straight talkin' truth, I doubt that I could have any influence on events. It'd only upset me more than I am now.



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And honesty in a bottle. My bottle of Cab Sav is exactly what it says on the label. Unlike just about anything else done by hoomin beans.


Disclaimer : This is just an abstract sarcastic observation. I am not suggesting that alcohol solves any of life's problems. It doesn't.



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Here's a reward I can offer ( a glass of red) for the best example of a justifiable official secret in peacetime.


I have read that Sweden does not have official secrets, and in fact such secrets are illegal. Could this explain why Assange set up there?


But Sweden sure is interested in being on good terms with the USA and this has overridden their non-secrets ideals.



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